Course leaders

The Course Leader role is a key role and one that many academics undertake at some stage during their time at ARU. Until recently, however, there has been little dedicated support for colleagues who serve in this crucial leadership role. Since 2016 Anglia Learning & Teaching has been working with colleagues from across the University to address this.


A key development has been the introduction of an increasingly comprehensive suite of course leader workshops. These has been developed with input from Deputy Deans, Faculty Directors of Learning, Teaching & Assessment, key staff in central services and other experienced Course Leaders.

Aspects of innovation in course delivery

Project Management Strategies as an approach to Course Leadership

Innovating in Assessment: Using Creative & Innovative Assessment & Feedback Methods

The Active Curriculum at ARU: Implications for Course Leaders

Building Retention: Best Practice in Academic Induction


The Active Curriculum Working Group on Placement and Work-based Learning are keen to develop a clearer picture of the kinds of placements and work-based learning opportunities that students have on our undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses at Anglia Ruskin. The questionnaire should only take five minutes to complete. 

Complete the questionnaire.

Course leader's companion

We have created the Canvas community site, Course Leader’s Companion. The content is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to course leadership
  • Drawing on data to drive enhancement
  • Teaching, learning and assessment
  • Tasks associated with the course leader role
  • Designing a new course
  • Student retention
  • Opportunities to make changes to your course
  • Course validation, revalidation and course review processes
  • Professional development opportunities.


ARU hosts an annual Course Leaders conference each September. The theme of the 2017 conference was ‘Student Retention’. View the presentations from the conference. Details of the course leader conference for September 2018 will be announced later in the academic year.


Each Faculty convenes its own Course Leader Forums on a regular basis during the academic year. These provide an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of recent developments at ARU, and to share practice with other Course Leaders. Contact your Director of Learning Teaching & Assessment for more information on the dates/venues for Course Leader Forum meetings in your own Faculty.

DLTAs by Faculty

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FHSCE – Sian Shaw (
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