5 minutes of digital literacy

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Develop your digital literacy skills in just five minutes a day.

Following on from the success of the TEL-ve Days of Christmas, we brought you another short and sweet learning resource. 

5 minutes of digital literacy (formerly 5 Days of Digital Literacy) focused on one of the five areas of our Digital Literacy Framework and covered five competencies within each of these areas.

The five areas of the Digital Literacy Framework are:

  1. Finding, using and managing information
  2. Working in the digital age
  3. Creating digital content
  4. Digital responsibilities
  5. Problem solving in the digital world

5 minutes of digital literacy ran for five days during the first week of October, November, December, February and March. Every day during that week a new blog was released and participants were asked to read the post and complete an activity. This took no more than five minutes. The activity could be completed at any time and anyone could join and catch up on previous posts. Participants earned a digital badge if they completed all tasks within the week.

Next iteration

Monday–Friday 2–6 October 2017
Monday–Friday 6–10 November 2017
Monday–Friday 4–8 December 2017
Monday–Friday 5–9 February 2018
Monday–Friday 5–9 March 2018