ARU Teaching Fellowships

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Our newly designed Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellowship Awards Scheme rewards those who have made outstanding contributions to learning and teaching here and offers opportunities for further career development.

Colleagues awarded an ARU Teaching Fellowship (ARUTF) will:

  • be entitled to use the designation 'Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellow' as an honorific title
  • receive an Anglia Ruskin University Teaching Fellowship Certificate and lapel pin awarded by the Vice Chancellor at a prestigious award event
  • have access to a modest funding stream to support them in developing their learning or teaching practice
  • receive a one-year subscription to the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)
  • be eligible to apply to run a pedagogic development project of strategic significance to our University whilst on temporary assignment to Anglia Learning & Teaching.


All teaching staff and those involved in the support of learning and teaching who have a full-time or fractional contract, and who hold Senior or Principal Fellowship of Anglia Ruskin and the Higher Education Academy, are eligible to apply (subject to the conditions in the ARUTF guidance). Applicants must also have successfully carried out a funded pedagogic project within the last five years.

Application requirements

An application consists of:

  • a copy of your successful Senior or Principal HEA Fellowship certificate
  • the original SF/PFHEA claim's supporting statements
  • a short statement (no more than 500 words) detailing why you wish to apply for an ARUTF and how your experience (described in – or building on – your SF/PFHEA fellowship claim) qualifies you to undertake a strategic pedagogic project
  • confirmation from your head of department that they will support any award you receive.

Please read the ARUTF guidance carefully before downloading and completing the claim form.

If you would like to be considered to run a strategic project next year on the award of your ARUTF, please complete the ARUTF Strategic Project application form and submit it with your ARUTF claim form.

Submission dates

This award is currently closed.

You can also apply for an Anglia Ruskin University Associate Teaching Fellowship (ARUATF).