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At ARU we make positive change happen in the real world at remarkable pace. In this respect alone, we’re unlike many other institutions. As a vibrant, diverse university with an ambitious mind-set, we’ve proved what’s possible to achieve in a short space of time.


We have five faculties at Anglia Ruskin University, each providing students, industry and the academic community with professionally focused and world-leading courses and research. Visit the faculty web pages to discover more about them: 

Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
Faculty of Medical Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

Research Institutes

In the last decade, we’ve forged ahead with our research work. We’ve research-active staff and a growing reputation in this area across many high-profile research institutes. 

The Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute (now known as StoryLab) followed in 2010, exploring the effects of the digital economy on art, culture and society.

In 2011, we established the Global Sustainability Institute. It focuses on issues surrounding climate change and sustainability and has quickly gained a reputation for its topical, high-impact research and reports. Next came the Veterans and Families Institute in 2014, which is carrying out valuable research into the impact of military experience on veterans and their loved ones; and the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute, which enhances IT systems through intelligent modelling and visualisation.

Our newest research institutes were set up in 2016 and 2017. The Policing Institute for the Eastern Region, formed in 2016, focuses on research, professional development and knowledge exchange that will improve policing practice in the East of England. Meanwhile, the Positive Ageing Research Institute is committed to addressing the growing challenges associated with ageing populations.

Alongside these six institutes are a range of research groups, dedicated to subjects as diverse as music therapy, eye diseases, children’s book studies, and political history.

A range of academic opportunities are available from Researcher to Professor.

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