We must become a digital-first university

Published: 5 April 2018 at 09:34

As part of our 25th anniversary of achieving university status, we launched our strategy 'Designing our Future 2017–2026' which sets out the high-level principles that will guide and shape ARU in the coming years. I am really pleased to now launch our Digital Strategy 2017–2020 which will underpin our University-wide strategy and help us become a digital-first campus over the next three years.

Download our Digital Strategy 2017-20

We understand that we live in an age where people are using technology more so than ever before. Current and potential students communicate through social media channels, seek knowledge almost exclusively through the internet, consider other people’s opinions through online reviews and forums and require information at their fingertips 24/7.

We need to ensure we are making evidence-informed decisions, and delivering a digital user environment that enhances the experience for our students and staff, makes us more effective and allows us to engage as widely as possible. Our digital strategy will support and deliver solutions for activities across the University, and be built around our core principles:

  • Deliver superior and seamless user experiences
  • Lead with digital-first solutions
  • Drive evidence-based and data-led decision making
  • Deliver integrated and shared platforms
  • Deliver efficiencies that maximise output and enable internal re-investment.

With our students’ way of learning and our staff’s way of working changing rapidly, we must be able to be adapt to an ever-changing education system without losing our ambition or sense of community.

To meet the needs of our students and staff, we must be innovative and courageous in our thinking and become a digital-first University. By identifying and delivering opportunities for digital transformation, improving on current practices, enhancing what we already do, and where necessary doing things differently, we will become agile, able to adapt to an ever changing fast-paced world, and meet the demands of our community.

We will also continue to deliver activities that are best done on campus and seek to ensure these activities support our core academic mission.

We understand that in order to deliver on our plans, our people are integral to our success. Our digital strategy is challenging and we will be ensuring through a programme of activities staff are supported through the transition.

I look forward to working with our ARU community, and listening to the needs of our students, our staff and the wider community to shape the future of our University together.

Read our strategy Designing our Future 2017-26