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We’re academically ambitious, and proud that we’ve been recognised for these subject areas according to the Guardian University Guide, revised and released May 2016.

We’re listed in six subject areas* as being in the top 20: Engineering: Mechanical, Criminology, Sociology, Building and Town & Country Planning, Fashion & Textiles, as well as Social Policy & Administration.  This includes more than 20 of our courses, as below. 

Our Arts, Law and Social Science Faculty has been particularly well-recognised with our Criminology courses ranking number 7, Sociology subject areas ranked 20th and our Philosophy subjects ranking 22nd in the UK. Our ever-popular subjects listed under Fashion & Textiles and Media & Film studies ranking 17th and 21st respectively. 

Top course links:


FdA Public Service, BA (hons) Sociology, BA (hons) CriminologyBA (hons) Criminology & Sociology [Cambridge], FdA Public Service [University Centre Harlow], BA (hons) Criminology, BA (hons) Psychosocial Studies, BA (hons) Sociology [University Centre Peterborough]


BA (hons) PhilosophyBA (hons) Philosophy & English Literature

Fashion & Textiles

BA (hons) Fashion Design

Media & Film Studies

BA (hons) Film & Television Production, BA (hons) Media Studies, BA (hons) Writing & Film Studies, BA (hons) Drama & Film Studies, [Cambridge], BA (hons) Media Studies [University Centre Peterborough]

Faculty of Science and Technology are also ranking highly for Mechanical Engineering which ranks number 7 in the country, with an outstanding 95% student satisfaction for teaching standards.  Building and Town & Country Planning, includes our Building Surveying and Construction Management courses is within the top 15 now. 

Top course links:

Building and Town & Country Planning

BSc (hons) Construction Management, BSc (hons) Building Surveying, BSc (hons) Quantity Surveying, FdSc Construction [Chelmsford]

Engineering: Mechanical

BEng (hons) Mechanical Engineering 

Our Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education's courses for the health professions are still ranking well with our Social Policy course ranking number 18 across all UK Higher Education institutions.

BA (hons) Social Policy

Teaching satisfaction

We’re also really pleased that students have recognised the teaching quality with four of our main subject areas ranking in the top 10 for ‘Teaching Satisfaction’: Computer Science & Information Systems, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering.  

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*Visit the Guardian University Guide web pages to see more information about how the Guide groups specific courses under the chosen subject areas.