Ten tips to get you through Clearing

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Clearing is an opportunity for you to apply directly to your chosen university and receive advice and guidance throughout the process.

Wondering where to start? Out top ten tips will help.

1. Take a breath

Stay calm and think about what’s next. What matters to you? Think about what you really enjoy doing, not just the subjects where you got the best grades. There’s a strong link between passion for a subject and success.

2. Read your stuff

Find out what’s available in the subjects you most enjoy – the UCAS website is the best place for up-to-the-minute vacancies, and The Telegraph has listings in its papers and online. Our Clearing web pages anglia.ac.uk/clearing offer lots of information – and you can also hear from some of our students who’ve been through Clearing themselves.

3. Think options

Look at everything out there. Anglia Ruskin has a wide range of degree courses, from Animal Behaviour through to Business Economics, Pharmaceutical Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sports Science to Zoology – and lots in between. Whatever your interest, read the course outline and, if you’re interested in hands-on experience, look for how much practical assessment is involved as well as if there is time in industry placements.

4. Have your details to hand

Get your essential information ready, as you’ll need it when speaking to an adviser.

  • Your UCAS personal number (if you have one).
  • Your results – A Level, BTEC, Access course and your AS Levels and GCSEs. Anglia Ruskin also accept other level 3 qualifications such as IB, Cambridge Pre-U, Scottish and Irish Highers.
  • Your personal statement from your UCAS application.
  • Your notes on the courses you’re interested in.
  • Any questions you want to ask.
  • If you’ve spoken to us previously, the name and details of who you talked to.
5. Take a moment to listen and reflect

Pick-up the phone and give it your full attention. Make sure that you’re somewhere quiet – and you have a pen and paper handy.

6. Ask about accommodation

What sort of accommodation choices are there? At Anglia Ruskin there are a number of different options depending on where you live, which campus your course is at and what you’d like to do. On your own or in a group – know your preferences and be clear about what is going to be available to you at the campus you choose.

7. Take notes

It can be difficult to take everything in, and you might need to look back over anything that’s been said to you. You’ll get an email confirming any offer made to you.

8. Confirm your offer

Once you’ve been offered a place, you’ll need to confirm it. You can do this from 3pm onwards on results day. At Anglia Ruskin, if we make you an offer we give you up to 24 hours to confirm you accept. And remember, only enter a Clearing choice on Track once you’ve had a verbal offer from a university. Otherwise, things will be delayed and you might miss out.

9. Visit campus

If you’ve not already done so, get along to the university campus where you want to study. Drop in and take a tour of the campus, meet current students and lecturers and speak to the accommodation team. The Clearing centre will be open extended hours.

10. Tell your friends!

This is the best bit… you’re going to university – where you’ll make friends and networks for life. If you choose Anglia Ruskin, every moment you spend with us matters.

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