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Help with the cost of study

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Our Books Plus scheme helps most students from the UK or EU with study-related costs such as textbooks and equipment including stationery, art supplies and digital equipment.

Any student can pick up a Books Plus card from our on-campus bookseller John Smith’s. Topping up the card with credit is a great way for you to budget or for your friends and relatives to offer their support. Your Books Plus credit can be used at the Cambridge or Chelmsford campus bookshops or online.

Some students are eligible for £400 Books Plus credit from Anglia Ruskin. If you fit the criteria for university funding there’s no application form to complete, you’ll receive your Books Plus card at registration.

Using your Books Plus credit

You can use Books Plus credit at John Smith’s to buy learning materials such as:

  • Books and digital texts
  • Art supplies
  • Laptops and tablets
  • ARU branded clothing and gifts
  • Apple products.

You can also trade in your credits for clothing vouchers, driving lesson vouchers and, if you study at our Cambridge campus, vouchers for the Professional Music Technology shop. You could also choose to put some of your funds towards Sport and Active Anglia Memberships, Students’ Union clubs and societies memberships, ARU branded goods or even an official NUS Extra card. You’ll be given more information when you register on Welcome Week. 

Contact John Smith’s to find out more about what can be purchased under the scheme.

Watch our video on Books Plus

What other students think of the scheme

Our Books Plus Scheme has proved popular, with 86% of students we surveyed told us they love the scheme and 82% felt that the ability to buy more books had a direct positive effect on their module performance.

It made a huge difference to me as a single mum with limited funds, I could readily buy the resources I needed."*

How can I find out more?

*Feedback from a 2015 survey of 449 first-year students.