After the assessment

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Step 1:  Draft report

If you request to receive a draft of your report, your assessor will aim to send it to you, by email, within five working days of your appointment. You need to respond within five working days of the date the draft report was sent, if you wish to discuss changes. If we don't hear from you within the five working days, we?ll assume that you?re happy with the report and we?ll send out the final version.

Step 2:  Final report

We'll distribute your final report within 15 working days of your appointment if you requested a draft or, if you declined a draft, within 10 working days. It will be sent by email to:

  • you
  • your funding body, and
  • the Disability Officer at your Higher Education Institution (if previously agreed with you).

The recommendations in your report are provisional and your funding body will make the final decision on what they?ll fund. Do not order any equipment until told to do so by your funding body, as you will not be reimbursed.

Step 3:  Letter from your funding authority

Your funding body will consider your report and they'll write to you to notify you of their decision and to tell you what to do next. Your higher education institution may be able to provide any non-medical help recommended before you receive the letter from your funding body. You should contact your disability team to discuss this.

Step 4:  Organising equipment and support

It's your responsibility to organise the delivery of equipment and support agreed by your funding body. Follow the instructions in the letter from your funding body. Section E of your report provides all the contact details you'll need.

Step 5:  Assistive technology training

Once your equipment is in place, you should contact the training company and arrange your first training date. It's very important to receive training for the equipment recommended, in order to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the technology.

What happens next? (updated March 2015)