Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences Research

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Our Department is home to two research groups: Anglia Vision Research and the Visual Function and Physiology Research Group.

Read more about the work of our research groups:

Members of our Department are undertaking research projects in the following areas:

  • audiology (Professor David Baguley, Phil Gomersall, Dr Srikanth Chundu and Joanna Lemanska)
  • spatial vision and amblyopia (Dr Formankiewicz, Dr Siderov and Dr Waugh)
  • ocular aberrations (Dr Rae)
  • accommodation, aetiology and treatment of refractive error (Dr Allen, Dr Osuobeni and Dr Rae)
  • low vision (Dr Latham)
  • The effect of sickle cell disease on ocular growth and the development of refractive error (Dr Osuobeni).
  • Aesthetic ophthalmic dispensing (Dr Osuobeni)

If you'd like to find out more about our research, contact Dr Sarah J Waugh, Departmental Research Co-ordinator: