Phil Gomersall

Course Leader and Lecturer in Audiology

Faculty:Faculty of Science & Technology

Department:Vision and Hearing Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Health, social care and medical innovation

Phil's areas of expertise are the diagnosis of hearing loss and balance pathologies, rehabilitation of hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Phil joined Anglia Ruskin University in 2014 as a Lecturer in audiology. Before this he worked as a clinical scientist in audiology at Cambridge University Hospitals, diagnosing audiovestibular pathologies and providing rehabilitation to adults with hearing loss, and supervising and training students. His research interests include a range of topics in audiology; his primary focus has been on a project with the Medical Research Council investigating tinnitus and cochlear implants, funded by Action on Hearing Loss.

Research interests

  • Tinnitus in severe-to-profound hearing loss/cochlear implants
  • Unilateral hearing impairment
  • Drug-mediated ototoxicity
  • Hearing loss in Stickler Syndrome


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Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology, BSc (Hons) Hearing Sciences


  • MSc Audiology, University of Southampton
  • MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • HCPC Registered Clinical Scientist in Audiology
  • HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • British Academy of Audiology Certificate of Audiological Competence

Memberships, editorial boards

  • British Society of Audiology
  • British Academy of Audiology
  • British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology

Selected recent publications

Manchaiah, V., Gomersall, P.A., Tome, D., Ahmadi, T., Krishna, R., 2014. Audiologists’ preferences for patient-centredness: a cross-sectional questionnaire study of cross-cultural differences and similarities among professionals in Portugal, India and Iran. BMJ Open.

Snead, M.P., McNinch, A.M., Poulson, A.V., Bearcroft, P., Silverman, B., Gomersall, P.A., Parfect, V. and Richards. A.J., 2011. Stickler syndrome, ocular-only variants and a key diagnostic role for the ophthalmologist. Eye, 25(11), pp.1389-1400.

Kasbekar, A.V., Baguley, D.M., Knight, R., Gomersall, P.A., Parker, R., Lloyd, S.W.K., Butler, K. and Dutka, D. P., 2010. Heart rate and blood pressure effects during caloric vestibular testing. The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, 124(6), pp.616-622.

Walters, T.C., Gomersall P.A., Turner R. and Patterson, R.D., 2007. Comparison of relative and absolute judgments of speaker size based on vowel sounds. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 121(5), pp.3119.

Recent presentations and conferences

Gomersall, P.A., Turner, R.E., Baguley, D.M., Deeks J.M., Carlyon, R.P., 2013. Tinnitus, sound textures,  and cochlear implants. British Society of Audiology Conference, Keele, UK (First Prize, Tinnitus section).

Gomersall, P.A. and Morgan, K., 2012. Characteristics of BPPV patients returning to a ‘PRM’ clinic. British Society of Audiology Balance Interest Group Meeting, Cambridge, UK.

Brough, H., Gomersall, P.A. and Morgan, K., 2012. An Audit of BPPV follow-up appointments in an Audiology ‘PRM’ Clinic. British Society of Audiology Balance Interest Group Meeting, Cambridge, UK.

Gomersall, P.A., Carlyon, R.P., Turner, R. and Baguley, D.M., 2011. Sensitivity to statistical properties of ‘natural sounds’: implications for tinnitus alleviation in cochlear-implant users. British Society of Audiology Conference, Nottingham, UK.

Fincham, G.S., McNinch A., Richards, A., Bearcroft, P., Gomersall, P.A., Poulson, A.V. and Snead, M.P., 2010. Clinical features of type 2 Stickler Syndrome. Poster, The Oxford Ophthalmological Congress, Oxford, UK.