Dr Tim Rowsell

Senior Lecturer, Reader in Knowledge Transfer

Faculty:Faculty of Science & Technology

Department:Computing and Technology

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Computing and technology

Alongside teaching on our technology courses Tim has led a number of knowledge transfer projects, using our department’s expertise to solve industry challenges.

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Tim lectures in a range of new media and computing subjects, from digital effects to ethical hacking, and has more than ten years' experience working with industry. Beyond teaching he leads on supporting regional industry through knowledge transfer schemes and consultancy. He has managed his own consultancy company and is the former Head of the Cambridge University Clinical School IT Support Service based at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Research interests

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  • Cloud computing
  • Information security
  • Internet of Things

Tim is a member of our Sound And Game Engineering Research Group.

Areas of research supervision

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  • Cloud computing
  • Signal processing

Find out more about our Computer Science PhD or our Sound Engineering PhD.


  • PhD Real-time Analysis of Fetal Phonography Signals, Cambridge University
  • MSc Design & Manufacture of Microelectronic Systems, Edinburgh University
  • PGCE Higher Education
  • Certified ISO 27001 Auditor (Bureau Veritas)

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Fellow, the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • London Technology Network Business Fellow

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

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Grants and awards
  • KEEP Project Wolfrace Ltd, 2011
  • KTP Project Extension i-Dash Ltd, 2011
  • KEEP Project Cornelius Ltd, 2010
  • KTP Project iDash, 2009
  • Consultancy QuickMap.com 2009, £3,000
  • KEEP Project Trevor Benton Ltd 2009, £22,000
  • KEEP Project iDash Ltd 2009, £22,000
  • Anglia Ruskin University Teaching & Learning Fellowship 2007, £5,000
  • IT Consultancy, ExxComm Ltd, £500
  • £20,000 Low Carbon KEEP iDash Ltd, software development (extension)
  • £20,000 Low Carbon KEEP QuickMap Ltd, automating map development (GIS)
  • £5,000 Low Carbon KEEP Consultancy QuickMap Ltd, automating map development (GIS)
  • £59,000 Low Carbon KEEP  iDash Ltd, dveloping a low carbon datacentre
  • £39,000 Low Carbon KEEP iDash Ltd, software development
  • £39,000 Low Carbon KEEP (2), Wolfrace Wheels Ltd
  • £39,000 Low Carbon KEEP (1), Wolfrace Wheels Ltd
  • £47,000 KTP iDash Ltd, KTP project continuation
  • £40,000 sKTP Cornelius Ltd
  • £5,000 research enhancement competition, Anglia Ruskin University
  • £138,000 KTP iDash Ltd (to September 2011)
  • £4,400 research enhancement competition, Anglia Ruskin University
  • £22,000 KEEP six-month funding extension, iDash Ltd
  • £37,000 KEEP Project, Trevor Benton Ltd
  • £22,000 KEEP Project, iDash Ltd
  • £25,000 KEEP Project, Verius Ltd
  • £3,000 QuickMap consultancy
  • £5,000 Anglia Ruskin University, Teaching & Learning Fellowship
  • £500 IT Consultancy, Excomm Ltd
  • LTN Business Fellowship, £4,500 per annum

Selected recent publications

Roswell, T., 2008. School’s out: laptops for lifestyle learning, E-fair conference, 18 April 2008, Anglia Ruskin University. In: Networks, 11, p.36.

Rennie, K., Rowsell, T., Jebb, S.A., Holburn, D., and Wareham, N.J., 2000. A combined heart rate and movement sensor: proof of concept and preliminary testing. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 54(5), pp.409-414.

Rowsell, T.D., 1994. Remote measurement of small displacements using a CD pickup head. Medical Engineering & Physics, 17(6), pp.459-461.

Recent presentations and conferences

Winckles, A., Spasova, K. and Roswell, T., 2010. Remote laboratories and reusable learning objects in a distance learning context. 11th Annual Anglia Ruskin University Learning & Teaching Conference.

Rowsell, T.D., Holburn, D., and Dalton, K.J., 1994. Baby bugging: an optical fetal microphone. Society for the Application of Research, c/o Cambridge Consultants, May 1994, Cambridge.

Holburn, D.M. and Rowsell, T.D., 1989. Real time analysis of fetal phonography signals using the TMS320. IEE Colloquium on Biomedical Applications of Digital Signal Processing, 30 November 1989, London, UK, pp.711-712.