Dr Francine Hughes

Emeritus Reader in Wetland Ecology and Conservation

Animal and Environmental Research Group

Faculty:Faculty of Science & Technology


Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Animal and environmental biology

Francine’s expertise lies in river and wetland ecology, management and restoration.

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Francine is a member of the Animal and Environment Research Group in our Department of Life Sciences. Before joining ARU, she was a senior research associate in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge where she jointly coordinated, with Professor Keith Richards, three EU-funded research projects that studied the ecology, hydrology and restoration of European floodplain forests. The most recent of these projects, FLOBAR2 'FLOodplain Biodiversity And Restoration', carried out research on floodplain ecosystems in France, Sweden, Germany, the UK and Canada and its findings are summarised in a document called 'The Flooded Forest'. She has also carried out research on the downstream impacts of dams on riparian and deltaic ecosystems in Canada and Kenya.

Francine welcomes enquiries from potential incoming Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellows under the European Union's new Horizon2020 programme.

Research interests

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  • The development of conceptual and practical approaches to monitoring and evaluating trajectories of ecological change in large-scale wetland restoration projects. This research received funding for the period 2007–2012 from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, to set up an eco-hydrological monitoring programme and to develop protocols for evaluation of re-naturalised wetland habitats at the Great Fen Project and at the Wicken Fen Vision Project in Cambridgeshire, UK.
  • The design of practical approaches to measuring ecosystem services at the site scale. This ongoing project has designed a Toolkit for EcoSystem Services Assessment (TESSA), led by the University of Cambridge and involves a partnership between the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, The UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Birdlife International , RSPB and the Tropical Biology Association funded through the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) Collaborative Fund from April 2010–May 2011. In May 2011, the project was extended with a postdoctoral fellowship from AXA until 2013 and a further grant from the CCI (June 2012). I have led development of the water services section of the toolkit. The whole toolkit is available on the Birdlife International website and covers water-related services, carbon services, wild harvested goods, cultivated goods and recreation.

Francine is a member of our Animal and Environment Research Group.

Areas of research supervision

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  • Wetland ecohydrology
  • Floodplain forest ecology and restoration
  • Landscape-scale wetland restoration
  • Current PhD supervision: Hilary Conlon, Pollinator diversity and networks in the fen landscape

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  • PhD Geography, University of Cambridge, UK
  • MSc Geography, University of Calgary, Canada
  • BA Geography, University of Cambridge, UK

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member, the British Ecological Society
  • Member, the Higher Education Authority

Selected recent publications

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