Equality and diversity

Here at Anglia Ruskin University, we are committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality. Our Vision and Values statement makes this clear: "we are friendly and inclusive, and celebrate individuality and diversity. We support and encourage everyone, and strive hard to anticipate and meet needs and aspirations."

Whether you are new to Anglia Ruskin or an existing student or member of staff, we hope you will find a supportive environment in which to work and study, where people treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect.

To achieve this, we have an equality policy framework which applies to all students and staff. We take this very seriously: everyone who joins the Anglia Ruskin community is expected to comply with this framework, and breaches may lead to dismissal or expulsion. We also ask your help in identifying processes or practices which unfairly deny or limit equality of opportunity.

Please visit our Equality and Diversity section where you will find our equality policies and other guidance documents, as well as links to other sources of advice and information.

Anglia Ruskin University supports the following initiatives for all it's staff and students.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Quality Safety Audit Level 4
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