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As well as applications for year one entry to the courses listed below, we welcome applications for advanced entry (for example, year 2 entry) for suitably qualified applicants. If you have studied at higher education level and would like to apply via this route please visit our Accreditation of Prior Learning information for guidance on entry criteria and the application process.

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Course Title Award Location(s)    
Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Acute Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Animal Behaviour BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Applied Animal Science with Management FdSc The College of West Anglia
Archaeology and Landscape History BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA Chelmsford
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Bioscience FdSc University Centre Peterborough
Building Surveying BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Business Management BA (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Business Management BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Business Management BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Business Management and Leadership BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Charity and Social Enterprise Management CertHE Distance Learning
Children and Young People (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Civil Engineering BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Civil Engineering BEng (Hons) Chelmsford
Civil Engineering FdSc Chelmsford
Coaching for Performance in Football FdSc, BSc, CertHE Distance Learning
Community Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Computer Science BSc (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Computer Science FdSc University Centre Peterborough
Computing and Information Systems BSc (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Construction FdSc Cambridge Regional College, Chelmsford
Construction Management BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Counselling (Child and Young Person) DipHE Renew Counselling (Chelmsford)
Crime and Investigative Studies FdSc University Centre Peterborough
Crime and Investigative Studies BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Crime and Investigative Studies - Extended Degree BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Criminology BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Decontamination Sciences FdSc Distance Learning
Decontamination Sciences (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Distance Learning
Early Childhood Professional Studies BA (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Early Years, Playwork and Education FdA Cambridge Regional College, Chelmsford, The College of West Anglia, Distance Learning, University Centre Harlow
Education (Top-Up) BA (Hons) Chelmsford
Education and Childhood Studies BA (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Education Studies BA (Hons) Chelmsford
Engineering FdSc University Centre Harlow
English Literature BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Equine Science with Rehabilitation Therapies BSc (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Equine Science with Rehabilitation Therapies FdSc The College of West Anglia
Forensic Science BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Forensic Science - Extended Degree BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Health and Social Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Distance Learning
Hearing Aid Audiology FdSc Cambridge, Distance Learning
History and English Literature BA (Hons) The College of West Anglia
History and Sociology BA (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Integrated Engineering (Top-Up) BEng University Centre Peterborough
International Hospitality and Tourism Management BA (Hons) Distance Learning
Journalism BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Leadership CertHE Distance Learning
Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care FdSc Distance Learning
Leading Business Change University Diploma Distance Learning
Leading Business Development University Diploma Distance Learning
Management (Work-Based) BA (Hons), CertHE, FdA Chelmsford, Distance Learning, Work-Based Learning
Management (work-based) FdA University Centre Peterborough
Management and Leadership BA (Hons) Work-Based Learning
Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Distance Learning
Management of Social and Affordable Housing FdSc Distance Learning, Work-Based Learning
Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) Chelmsford
Mental Health (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Distance Learning
Network Infrastructure and Security BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Ophthalmic Dispensing FdSc Distance Learning
Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing Graduate Certificate Cambridge
Palliative Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) St Helena Hospice
Pre-Hospital Trauma Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Primary and Community Care (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Professional Practice in International Trade FdA Distance Learning
Psychosocial Studies BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Psychosocial Studies BA (Hons) The College of West Anglia
Public Services FdA University Centre Peterborough
Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons) Chelmsford
Social Policy BA (Hons) Cambridge
Social Work BA (Hons) Peterborough (Guild House)
Sociology BA (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Special and Intensive Care of the Newborn Graduate Certificate Cambridge, Chelmsford
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting/School Nursing (Top-Up) BSc (Hons) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Specialist Palliative Care Graduate Certificate St Helena Hospice
Sports Coaching (European Judo Union) BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Sports Coaching (European Judo Union) FdSc Cambridge
Sports Coaching and Physical Education BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Sports Coaching and Physical Education BSc (Hons) University Centre Peterborough
Sports Coaching and Physical Education - Extended Degree BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Sports Science BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Sports Science - Extended Degree BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Zoology BSc (Hons) Cambridge
Zoology - Extended Degree BSc (Hons) Cambridge
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