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Dr Rachel Cook

Since our Department was established in Cambridge in 1988 we have developed a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

In the most recent Research Assessment Exercise, we were the top-rated psychology department in a 'new' university. We are passionate about the advancement of knowledge and we are determined to support our students in realizing their full potential. Whether you are just embarking on your studies in psychology or interested in pursuing doctoral research, we hope that you will find something to interest and inspire you here.

Dr Rachel Cook
Head of the Department of Psychology


Latest news and research

  • June 2014 - New book published - 'Cerca piu' avanti' (Look beyond) Dr Roberto Filippi tells how he changed his career from business to academia and fulfilled his dream to become a psychologist. English version to be published December 2014.
  • March 2014 - New study demonstrates effect of social self-focus on body perception - Dr Flavia Cardini
  • March 2014 - Language problems in autism linked to lack of attention to social interactions - Dr Steven Stagg
  • March 2014 - Dr Russell Luyt and colleagues awarded £20,000 grant by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development
  • February 2014 - Psychology Masters Dissertation Conference 2014
  • December 2013 - New publication in Sexuality and Culture examining the portrayal of illusions of adult/minor sex in pornography - Daragh McDermott
  • December 2013 - New study in Frontiers in Psychology on an illusion of bodily ownership for two bodies - Jane Aspell
  • October 2013 - Children with autism look less friendly to peers according to recent study - Steven Stagg
  • September 2013 - New publication on bilingual language switching in Bilingualism: Language & Cognition - Roberto Filippi
  • September 2013 - Two new papers on the 'own-race bias' in face recognition (Cognition and Visual Cognition) - Peter Hills and Mike Pake
  • August 2013 - Study published in Journal of Gender Studies on the measurement of gender - Russell Luyt
  • July 2013 - New book published: Life After Brain Injury by B. Wilson, J. Winegardner & F. Ashworth. The authors were named "Authors of the month" at Psychology Press for August 2013
  • July 2013 - Upcoming paper in Psychological Science on using heartbeat signals to modify bodily self-consciousness - Dr Jane Aspell
  • July 2013 - Dr Kuppen awarded grant of £26,000 by the Harpur Trust to investigate the role of music in early literacy - Dr Sarah Kuppen
  • June 2013 - Three new papers on multisensory integration during robotic tool use - Dr Jane Aspell
  • June 2013 - New paper in Journal of Gender Studies on ambivalent sexism in transitional countries - Dr Russell Luyt
  • June 2013 - Study published in PLOS ONE on the efficacy of threat appeal interventions in reducing risky driving behaviour - Dr Daragh McDermott
  • June 2013 - Welcome Trust funded undergraduate summer bursary & EPS funded grant awarded to Dr Hills - Dr Peter Hills
  • May 2013 - Psychology Masters Dissertation Conference
  • May 2013 - Psychologists receive British Academy Research Grant
  • February 2013 - Studying faces could help children with autism
  • February 2013 - HEA funded grant to Dr Hills and Dr Manning to investigate students understanding and utilisation of feedback - Dr Peter Hills and Dr Rachel Manning

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