Private sector house hunting

After your first year at Anglia Ruskin, you'll almost certainly be looking for a house or flat in the private sector. It offers independence and a close connection to the local community.

Whether you're a new or current student, we can help you in your search. The information on this page is a starting point, but you can also ask us for advice about house-hunting, renting, sharing a house, and keeping safe and secure.

Top tips for finding a room

  • Look for a room on our online search StudentPad. You'll need a password from your Residential Service.
  • You may also find our Cambridge and Chelmsford agency lists useful - see below in related documents.
It may be easier to find a whole house to rent than a room. You can contact potential housemates and find a house together. Find housemates on our message board, and look for a house together using Studentpad.

Everything you need to know about renting

We have put the advice you are likely to need in one guide, How to be a Happy House Hunter. You'll find this in 'Related documents' below, along with some other useful information.

About our private sector service

We provide an advice and referral service only. While we make every effort to assist students to find safe, secure and suitable accommodation any lease or other arrangement entered into are at the sole discretion of the student and the accommodation provider. The Residential Service does not visit or endorse any of the properties or those advertising them.

Before you pay any money, we recommend that:
  • you view any property before committing to a contract
  • you do not pay a deposit or rent in advance via the internet, and
  • you read our How to be a Happy House Hunter Guide.
If you are in any doubt please contact your Residential Service for advice.

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