ACI - Anaesthetic Critical Incidents

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Course information

Date: to be confirmed

Location: Postgraduate Medical Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1SQ

Cost: £150 (£50 for Essex rotation Anaesthetic Core Trainees and ACCS (Anaesth) trainees)


  • Anaesthetic critical incident practice for anaesthetists and operating department practitioners (ODPs) in our high-fidelity simulation suite.
  • A full day of risk free simulated practice at managing critical incidents.
  • Act in your own roles in theatre - exactly as you do in real life.
  • Feedback on clinical and human factor aspects.
  • Systematic approach to common and rare critical incidents.
  • Includes many of the critical incidents tested in the FRCA exams.
  • Ideal for both trainee and more senior anaesthetists and ODPs who wish to practice their skills.

ACI is approved by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for five CPD credits


RCOA CPD Matrix codes: 1B01, 1B02, 1B03, 1B04, 1C02, 1I01, 1I02, 1I03, 2A01, 2A02, 2A06, 2C01, 2C03, 2G04

ACI maps to the following domains of The CCT in Anaesthetics, Basic Level Training (August 2010):

"Whilst trainees may come across the critical incidents listed below during the course of clinical practice, it is anticipated that many will not be encountered in this way and as a result, the use of simulation to assist teaching and assessment is expected"

Knowledge: CI_BK_01, CI_BK_02, CI_BK_03, CI_BK_05, CI_BK_06, CI_BK_08, CI_BK_09, CI_BK_10, CI_BK_11, CI_BK_12, CI_BK_13, CI_BK_14, CI_BK_15, CI_BK_17, CI_BK_19, CI_BK_21, CI_BK_23, CI_BK_27, CI_BK_30, CI_BK_31, CI_BK_32, CI_BK_33, CI_BK_34, CI-BK_35, CI_BK_36

Skills: CI_BS_01, CI_BS_02, CI_BS_03, CI_BS_04, CI_BS_05, CI_BS_06

Course Director: Dr Emily Simpson, Consultant Anaesthetist, Southend University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust.

To register

Please visit Anglia Ruskin store (under Postgraduate Medical Institute Conferences and Events). Payment by credit card accepted. Confirmation will be sent to you on receipt of your application to attend.

Contact details and travel information

PMI Events Team
Tel: 01245 68 4646

For travel information please see Travelling to our Chelmsford campus.