Placement: Healthcare Science

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Learn how to use specialist equipment to diagnose and treat problems relating to patients' circulatory or respiratory systems, as well as problems which can cause difficulties sleeping.

Over the three years of the Healthcare Science BSc (Hons) course you will be offered placement(s) with one of the NHS Hospital Trusts Cardiology or Respiratory & Sleep Departments within the East of England. Placement opportunities would also be considered across the Midlands, Lincolnshire or other NHS Trusts subject to local agreement.

The placements are managed by the specialist practitioners and are monitored by the course leader and link tutor. During the course you'll spend 50 weeks in clinical practice. During this time you'll be visited and supported by the course team from the University. You'll also be allocated a named mentor and assessor from the clinical staff in the area you are working. A mentor will help you to make the link between theory and practice and will be responsible for your welfare while you're allocated to the practice environment. They'll also support your assessor by overseeing the assessment of practice.

The assessor will undertake the following activities:

  • Providing support and supervision for the student in developing their skills
  • Organising protected time for student to discuss particular aspects of care and to ensure that the student has the opportunity for feedback regarding their progress
  • Directly observing the student's performance in the practice setting, formatively and summatively assessing the student and providing ongoing feedback of achievement
  • Liaising with the student's mentor and personal tutor to ensure that the requirements of the course are met.

Your placement years

In Year 1 you will be introduced to the basics of healthcare science. You will have 10 weeks in placement during semester 2 and look at the patient journey across cardiac and vascular, and respiratory and sleep divisions in both the community and acute settings. Thereafter you will specialise in either the cardiac or the respiratory/sleep division.

In Year 2 you will spend 15 weeks in clinical practice focusing on techniques and methodologies and in Year 3 you will spend 25 weeks in clinical practice applying everything you have learned about healthcare science, technologies and methodologies to the practice of physiological sciences.

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