Our vision in the School of Medicine

Two medics in an operating theatre

The Faculty of Medical Science, opened in 2014, is the newest of Anglia Ruskin University's five Faculties, dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning and research in 'Allied and Public Health' and 'Medicine and Healthcare Science'. We are working with local healthcare providers and a variety of stakeholders, to establish a School of Medicine on our Chelmsford campus. The Essex health economy is experiencing significant workforce challenges that require innovative solutions and there is national recognition that health systems need to work differently in order to overcome the challenges they face. Undergraduate medical students who enrol now will still be practising in 2050 which requires education providers to respond to future service delivery needs by training a resilient medical workforce. Doctors of the future should be trained to be technical experts, and effective members of a locally responsive, but a globally connected, healthcare team which reflects the realities of how care will be provided in the 21st century.

Our vision

Our vision is to educate and train doctors fit to deliver health care in the 21st century as set out in the Lancet Commission for health professional education. To achieve this we aim to produce a dynamic, coherent and modern curriculum that addresses the competencies to deal with future patient and population needs, places graduates at the core of health teams, embeds technical skills within a broader contextual understanding, emphasises continuous care of persons rather than episodic patient encounters, puts emphasis on primary intervention rather than hospital care, and develops leaders to shape health systems. We set social accountability as our core value.

The project and timescales

The General Medical Council (GMC) approval process started in January 2016 and, if we progress to plan, we have an anticipated start date of September 2018. The GMC approval process encompasses eight stages and we have already successfully completed stages 1 and 2. Our partner for this process is the Medical School at the University of Dundee and they are supporting us in the development of a curriculum for Anglia Ruskin, based on the MBChB course delivered at Dundee.