Dr Naba Elsaid

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science

Faculty:Faculty of Medical Science

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Pharmaceutical science

Courses taught: Pharmaceutical Science

Dr Naba Elsaid, PhD, MPharm, is the Course Leader and Senior Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Science BSc (Hons) with academic and research expertise in clinical pharmaceutics, namely nanomedicine and targeted drug delivery.

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Email: naba.elsaid@anglia.ac.uk


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Dr Elsaid’s current research involves designing novel nanovehicles for the delivery of anti-angiogenic protein therapeutics and hydrophobic drugs. She engineered an innovative ‘smart system’ for the delivery of an anti-angiogenic agent as part of her postdoctoral research at Kings College London. Prior to this, Dr Elsaid was awarded a Wellcome Trust scholarship from Kings College London to gain her PhD in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery at UCL School of Pharmacy. Her research focused on the design and development of various innovative nanoscale delivery systems, including stimuli-responsive hydrogels, nanobeads, functionalised micelles, liposomes and solid-lipid nanoparticles. Dr Elsaid gained her MPharm degree from the same university and successfully completed her pre-registration training to work across various sectors of pharmacy including community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. Dr Elsaid has also participated in setting up an investigator-initiated clinical trial at King’s College Hospital in London. Her previous academic roles include lecturer in Clinical Pharmaceutics and Pre-registration Pharmacist Course Leader.

Applicants who are interested in PhD (self-funded) or shorter undergraduate and postgraduate level research projects are invited to send a cover letter and CV to naba.elsaid@anglia.ac.uk.

Research interests

  • Engineering smart drug delivery systems for tissue-specific targeting
  • Design and fabrication of stimuli-responsive nanocarriers
  • Design and synthesis of novel amphiphilic polymers
  • Ex vivo and in silico modelling
  • Ocular delivery of proteins, peptides and hydrophobic drugs


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Pharmaceutical Science BSc (Hons) (Course Leader)


  • PhD in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, UCL School of Pharmacy
  • MPharm, School of Pharmacy, University of London (now UCL School of Pharmacy)
  • FHEA (Higher Education Academy)

Selected recent publications

Elsaid, N.,* Jackson, T. L., Elsaid, Z., Alqathama, A. and Somavarapu, S.,*. (2016) PLGA microparticles entrapping chitosan-based nanoparticles for the ocular delivery of ranibizumab. Molecular Pharmaceutics. In Press. DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.6b00335