Dr Marie-Ann Ha

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Medical Science

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Allied & public health , Nutrition

Dr Marie-Ann Ha is a registered Public Health Nutritionist. She has two main research interests; carbohydrate nutrition and chemistry, and ensuring we have healthy, sustainable food supply chains.

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Email: marie-ann.ha@anglia.ac.uk


Marie-Ann is a Director of East Anglia Food Link, a not for profit group that is working closely with small to medium sized farms in the East of England, to develop a sustainable food supply system within the region.

Marie-Ann was on secondment to the secretariat of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition at Public Health England to help write the Carbohydrates and Health Report having worked extensively in the past on the structure of plant cell walls and how this relates to dietary fiber intake.

Research interests

  • Sustainability of Food chains
  • Nutritional effects of Carbohydrates
  • Chemistry of carbohydrates
  • Diet and Diabetes


  • PhD, Human Nutrition, Otago University
  • PGCert HE, Anglia Ruskin University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • Registered Nutritionist, Association for Nutrition

Selected recent publications

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