Dr Hilary Engward

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Medical Science

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Health care ethics and education

Courses taught: Medical and Healthcare Education, Medical Law and Ethics

Hilary’s interests are in medical and healthcare education and medical and healthcare ethics. She forwards that the best education stems for the values of the educator, and it is part of being a professional to be cognizant of their values in relation to their professional practice. Her work covers aspects of learning, curriculum design, and developing ethics and values as central in the educational process.

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Email: hilary.engward@anglia.ac.uk

Twitter: Hilary Engward

Research interests

  • Medical and Health Professional Education
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Higher Education
  • Grounded Theory
  • Clinical Governance

Areas of research supervision

  • Health care ethics
  • Health professional education
  • Values and education
  • Higher education
  • Grounded Theory
  • Phenomenology


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  • EdD
  • MSc Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
  • MSc Medical Ethics

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

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Senior Researcher in Anglia Ruskin Health Partnership

Selected recent publications

Engward, H. 2014. Ethics at the beginning and end of life. In Understanding Ethics for Nurses. Ellis, P. 2014. Chapter 7.

Engward, H. 2014. Contemporary Challenges in Ethics for Nurses. In Understanding Ethics for Nurses. Ellis, P. 2014. Chapter 8.

Engward, H. 2014. Reflexivity in grounded theory. Journal Advanced Nursing. In Press.

Engward, H. 2013. Understanding grounded theory. Nursing Standard. 28(7): pp.37 - 41

Engward, H. 2012. Research Methodology: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners. Nurse Researcher 19 (3):p45

Engward, H. 2011. Exploring undergraduate student nurses situated experiences of ethics: Centering students through story discussions. Occasional Papers in Education and Lifelong Learning (OPELL): An International Journal

Gardner, A., Papanitikus, A., Owens, J. & Engward, H. 2011. Emerging themes in the everyday ethics in primary care: A report from an interdisciplinary workshop. Clinical Ethics 6:211, 214

Recent presentations and conferences

Conference paper presentations (Anglia Ruskin Harvard style only)

January 2014; Ethics in a Complex World, The Centre for Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences,;University of Southampton

January 2013; Everyday Ethics in Mental Health Practice, Anglia Ruskin University.

June 2012; International Association Bioethics (IAB), Rotterdam. ‘Aspects of knowing in healthcare ethics’

July 2011  Grounded Theory Institute, San Francisco. ‘A grounded theory into academics knowledge and pedagogy of health care ethics’

January 2011; Postgraduate Bioethics Conference, Welcome Trust.   ‘A grounded theory into academics knowledge and pedagogy of Health Care Ethics’