Imko Meyenburg

PhD Research Student

Faculty:Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Department:Economics and International Business Staff

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management, leadership and law , Economics

The title of Imko's research thesis is: 'The Eclectic Economist'


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In his research, titled 'The Eclectic Economist', Imko investigates eclecticism, its history, its meaning and its relationship to the pluralist movement in economics to develop a rationale for the use of eclecticism in economics. Imko defines eclecticism as individual, normative leitmotif for the interested economist, which provides her with a justification for choosing research strategies and methods from different schools of thought etc. in economics, thereby improving her own research. This rationale relies on the same post-positivist arguments eclectics in other disciplines and pluralists in economics alike bring forward to make their case. Secondly, the rationale uses Larry Laudan's concept of methodological norms and cognitive aims as defining characteristics of schools of thought and paradigm-like discourse groups to justify the possibility of migration between approaches which appear to be incommensurable at the first. Imko's research is supervised by Dr Craig Duckworth.

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Selected recent publications

Meyenburg, I., 2013. An investment model for South Africa. The Empirical Economics Letters, 12(4), pp.345-350