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Biz4Age – Phase One and Two

Biz4Age (Business Opportunities for Healthy Ageing) is a €600,000 two-phase project led by Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

Funded by the EU under the INTERREG IVA 2 Seas Programme Cluster Initiative, Biz4Age consolidates two previous projects: CURA-B and 2SeasTrade.


How can we transform the challenges of ageing populations into opportunities for regional economic growth and personal wellbeing? This is the question that motivates Biz4Age.

It brings together partners from two previous INTERREG IVA projects, “CURA-B” and “2 Seas Trade”, and other organisation that want to co-create regional economic growth and healthy ageing, and that share our core value which is to place the needs and dignity of citizens at the centre of social and technological change.

Our partners and collaborators are from the UK (Kent, Cambridgeshire), The Netherlands (Zeeland), Belgium (West-Flanders) and France (Nord-pas-de-Calais).

Phase 1

Phase 2 - Current

Project team

Dr Greg O'Shea, Co-Investigator, said:

For small and medium-sized enterprises in this region, many business opportunities for healthy ageing exist and these opportunities will continue to grow. Realising them, however, requires the development of new collaborative networks, new ways of working and specific SME support mechanisms.

"The aim of the Biz4Age project is to raise awareness of new business opportunities for SMEs, as well as the barriers they can face. Aside from traditional medical products, there are huge possibilities for companies to provide healthy ageing products and services.

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