Dr Stephanie Russell

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management, leadership and law

Dr. Stephanie Russell joined the IIMP as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow for Innovation and Enterprise on a two year secondment starting September 2013.

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Prior to her appointment in the IIMP, Stephanie worked as a Lecturer in Organisation and Management and as Assistant Director of Studies in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University. This included the Course Leadership role for International Management and Module Leader for 'Effective Teams'.

At the time of joining Anglia Ruskin University, Stephanie had completed her PhD in Management at Keele University, Staffordshire. Her PhD was funded by an ERSC scholarship and explored the impact of regulation on the Passive Fire Protection Industry.

Stephanie's appointment in the IIMP will allow her to pursue her passion for research and to gain experience from being an active participant and contributor to research projects, such as the CURA-B project. During her two year secondment, she will be working on publications and grant applications, including a 'Future Leaders' grant, funded by the British Academy or Leverhulme.

Outside of work, Stephanie's main hobby is cycling, and she spends most weekends and holidays training. She is currently planning to go on a six day tour, and ride the third stage of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in July 2014.

Selected recent publications

Russell, S. and Brannan, M. (intention to submit to Journal of Management Studies), "Deregulation is so nineteen eighties, we're into 'better regulation' now"

McCabe, D. and Russell, S (submitted to Organisation Studies) 'Regulators, Conformers and Cowboys: The Enterprise Discourse and Resistance in the UK Passive Fire Protection Industry'

Russell, S. and McCabe, S (revisions being made and due to be submitted to Human Relations) 'Laughing at the Gurus: Management Gurus as both Dangerous and Laughable'

Russell, S. and Brannan, M (working paper) 'Walking the Talk: Employee branding as identity regulation'

Russell, S (2011), 'Internalizing the brand? Identity Regulation and Resistance at Aqua-Tilt' in Brannan, M.J, Parsons, E. and Priola, V. (eds), 'Branded Lives': The Production and Consumption of Meaning at Work. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar