Chris Ivory

Deputy Director of the Institute for International Management Practice

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management, leadership and law

Chris's main areas of academic interest are project management, critical theory and innovation.

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At present, Chris's research and writing includes the use of mobile technology at work, the use (and non-use) of project management tools, the architect's experience of promoting innovation, interdisciplinary teams and the socio-technical processes driving stability and instability in projects.

Chris is also interested in pursuing themes such as the role of the 'imagined user' in design and innovation, innovation in capital goods contexts, the study of practice and technology (in work and in broader contexts, such as in sustainable behaviors) and identity construction amongst business school academics.

Chris has written for journals including the British Journal of Management, Business History, Long Range Planning, Project Management Journal, Critical Perspectives on International Business, Construction Management and Economics, International Journal of Project Management, R&D Management, TASM and Ephemera. He has also written on business school strategy through a series of commissioned Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) reports.

Selected recent publications


Alderman, N, Ivory, C, McLoughlin, I. and Vaughan, R. (2013) Managing Complex Projects: Networks, Knowledge and Integration, London: Routledge

Journal articles in print or forthcoming

Ivory, C. (2013) The role of the imagined user in planning and design narrative, Planning Theory 12(4): 425-441

Ivory, C. (2012) Images of projects - book review, Construction Management and Economics, 30(5): 415-416

Alderman, N. and Ivory, C. (2011) Translation and convergence in projects: an organisational perspective on project success, Project Management Journal, 42(5): 17-30

Ivory, C. (2011) Critical representation of work and organisation in popular culture - book review, Critical Perspectives on International Business, 7(1): 111-112

Ivory C. and Genus A. (2010) Symbolic consumption, signification and the 'lock out' of electric cars 1885-1914, Business History, 52 (7): 1065-1079

Book chapters

Ivory, C., Alderman, N., McLoughlin, I. & Vaughan, R. (2006) Sensemaking as a Process within Complex Projects in D. Hodgson and S. Cicmil (Eds.) Making Projects Critical, Palgrave MacMillan: London.

Alderman N, McLoughlin, I.P., Ivory, C.J., Thwaites, A.T., Vaughan, R., 2003. Trains, Cranes and Drains: Customer requirements in long-term engineering projects as a knowledge management problem. In: M. von Zedtwitz, G. Haour, T.Khalil

L. Lefebvre (Eds.): Management of Technology: Growth through Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Pergamon Press: Oxford, pp.331-348.

AIM reports

Ivory, C., Miskell, P., Shipton, H., White, A. and Neely, A. (2008) Leadership of Business Schools: Perceptions, Priorities and Predicaments, AIM Executive Briefing, Advanced Institute of Management: London (19 pages).

Ivory, C., Miskell, P., Shipton, H., White, A. and Neely, A. (2007) Future of UK Business School's Faculty: Retention, Recruitment and Development, AIM Executive Briefing, Advanced Institute of Management: London. (23 pages).

Ivory, C., Miskell, P., Shipton, H., White A., Moeslein, K and Neely, A. (2006) UK Business Schools: Historical Contexts and Future Scenarios, AIM Executive Briefing, Advanced Institute of Management Executive: London. (24 pages).