Health and Social Care Placements

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Following our Outstanding rating in 2013, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) performed their annual monitoring event in 2014. We achieved the best outcomes possible, emphasising that our professional education (including teaching and placements) is of the highest quality.

The NMC commended:

  • the passion of our staff, and their proactive approach
  • the moderation of practice assessment and the way it informs our activities in the practice areas
  • our partnership working
  • our students

We're committed to making sure that our students are fit for clinical practice, but also that they're passionate about the work they do. We take care to embed the NHS Constitution into our teaching every step of the way.

Our Practice Team

Responsible for allocating all health and social care students' practical experience, our Practice Team works to ensure you get the most authentic learning experience.  

If you're an Education Liaison Manager, please refer to our NHS Trust Managers page.  If you're a professional who works with students in the practice learning environment, please visit the Practice Portal for the Online Mentor Update.

If you're a prospective student, you might like to know what placement area we cover before you apply or start on a course. Below you'll find a series of maps which will give you an idea of the placement areas attached to your course. Alongside this, we've also included a mileage matrix to give an indication of distance from our campuses to practice areas.

To get in touch with the Practice Team directly, just click here.

For students studying Return to Professional Practice, click here to view NHS Trust profiles.