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The study of social inclusion and social exclusion of migrants is an important aspect of the research area on social inclusion.

Projects in this area focus on a variety of policy areas including employment, education, housing and health. Issues such as European identity, participation, transnationalism and factors which impact on length of stay are also researched. The focus lies especially upon A8/A2 migration and most projects use a mixed methods approach.

A skills profile of migrants workers in Norfolk, 2005 (Dr Claudia Schneider and Dr Deb Holman)

Migrants on the move, 2007 (Dr Deb Holman, Dr Claudia Schneider, Alex Collis)

Information needs of migrant workers, 2007 (Dr Deb Holman, Dr Claudia Schneider, Alex Collis, Roxana Anghel)

A longitudinal study of migrants in the East of England, 2008 - 2011 (Dr Claudia Schneider, Dr Deb Holman, Alex Collis, Roxana Anghel)