Centre for Future Ageing Research (CFAR)

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The Centre for Future Ageing Research (CFAR) is committed to address the growing challenge of ageing population, our mission is to view people as valuable assets to society regardless of age and to help them maintain independence and quality of life, whilst planning for the future and the impacts that may occur to them as a result of the physical and biological processes of ageing.

About the group

Professor Patricia Schofield, Deputy Dean of Research and Income Generation (Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education), is leading a group of experts across the university. We bring together a multi-disciplinary team from all of the faculties within ARU representing many backgrounds including medicine, nursing, technology, business and the arts who have research interest and projects in the field of ageing. We are applying for major funding to support the centre, but in the meantime we are working together to build our strengths. We are collaborating with other stakeholders such as practitioners, local authorities, industry, and voluntary organisations.

Our aim is to:

Bring together experts from all areas to conduct research to support people as they age and to address ageing related issues, ranging from improving quality of life through innovation to fostering independent living, as well as improving technology-enabled health services toward greater sustainability to create economic growth and business opportunities. We have adopted the concept of “triple win” from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy ageing, for further details can be found here.

The “triple win” concept suggests the following:

  1. Improving the health and quality of life for older people.
  2. Innovating the model for health and social care towards greater sustainability and efficiency including involvement of communities and third sector organisations.
  3. Creating economic growth, employment and business opportunities.

We are looking to achieve these objectives by developing innovative technological, social and organisational solutions to enhance the efficiency of health and social care systems and foster innovation and economic growth.

We are developing work packages in each of these key areas.

Directory of experts

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