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1. Do I need wi-fi / internet access to use myprogress on the tablet?

No, you do not need to be connected to the internet or wifi to complete the assessment whilst the student is in placement. The assessment is saved on the tablet; when the student is in a wi-fi accessible area e.g. at home or university he /she will 'sync' the device and upload the completed assessment.

2. How do I create a mentor account?

You need to complete the registration form either on the student's tablet or on the student's web / computer based account. Mentors need to use their work email address to register. Once the student has synced his / her device you will be sent an email to the address you registered; the email will include the link to the web url and your user name and password.Check your in-box to find the email. You will now be able to view all the assessments completed for this student. Mentors need to complete a registration form for each student they mentor to create a link. Mentors will be able to view the records of all students from their own, unique site. Your personal account will organise and store evidence that you will require for your next triennial review

3. I cannot find the email with details of my mentor account.

Check that the student has synced his / her account to upload your details. Do you have another work email account? Check that you did not register a different email address.

4. The student has more than one mentor, is that a problem?

No- there are registration forms for co-mentors, trainee mentors, insight / short placement mentors and for final placement students sign-off mentors. Co-mentors, trainee mentors and sign off mentors will also have access to the complete assessment record for all students they register to link to.

5. Has the practice assessment changed?

No - the practice assessment remains identical to the paper version. The tablet contains a digitised version of the existing paper document, which should look familiar to experienced Anglia Ruskin University mentors.

6. I cannot find the completed assessment where have they gone?

Completed assessments are moved to the 'responses' section on the tablet. You can access this by 'tapping' on the three horizontal bars on the top left of the tablet screen. If you are still not sure if the assessments have been 'synced' check either the student or mentor web / computer based accounts for 'responses'. Further advice can be found in the training videos .

7. Can I complete the assessments on a computer rather than the tablet?

Yes - if you have access to a web-based computer account at work then you can complete the assessment via the student's account. You will need internet access to complete the assessments on a computer. It is also possible to complete some assessments on the tablet and some on the computer.

8. How do you prevent students from falsifying the completion of the assessments?

When sending an assessment as complete mentors will be asked to enter their work email address and will receive an email notifying them of the action. If the mentor did not complete the assessment and his / her email was used to verify an assessment without his / her knowledge he/she should contact their education champion with details of the action for investigation.

9. I  have deleted an assessment from the tablet -how do I retrieve it?

Log on to either the student or mentor's web-based computer account. You will be able to resend the assessment to the tablet. Once you have resent the assessment the student will need to 'sync' their device in order to receive the assessment.

10. Where do I find the student's time sheet?

This can be found by tapping on the three horizontal bars on the top left of the tablet screen. After you open the time sheet you need to tap on '+' in the top right of the screen.

11. How do I complete a 'cause for concern form'?

The cause for concern form should be completed on the student computer / web based account rather than the tablet to ensure that it is sent to the personal tutor quickly. If a concern is raised then the Educational Champion, Link Team or Personal tutor must also be contacted directly via email or phone.

The guides below show you how to use the Myprogress platform and take you through common tasks step by step.

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