Professor Sharon Andrew

Co-Chair of the Anglia Ruskin Nursing Research Unit

Faculty:Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education

Department:School of Nursing & Midwifery

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Nursing and midwifery , Health and wellbeing

Sharon’s primary research focus is long-term health conditions and patient experience. Other areas include workforce, leadership, education. She's internationally recognised for expertise in mixed methods research.

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Professor Sharon Andrew RN PhD is Professor of Nursing and Co-Chair of the Anglia Ruskin Nursing Research Unit. She has expertise in academic leadership and research, doctoral and Masters student supervision, and mentorship of staff and students. She conducts research projects with university staff, students and external organisations. Her clinical research is broadly focused around long-term conditions, patient experience and models of care.

Professor Andrew has published widely with over 70 publications including journal articles, and book chapters. She co-authored a book on mixed methods. She is Methods Editor for the journal Contemporary Nurse.

Research interests

  • Long-term conditions (eg COPD, cardio-vascular, diabetes; primary and secondary settings)
  • Patient experience
  • Models of care
  • Nursing management and leadership
  • Workforce issues
  • Nursing education and practice
  • Mixed methods research
  • Survey methods
  • Qualitative research

Professor Andrew’s clinical research interest centre on individuals with Long term Conditions (LTC) in the primary or secondary setting. These conditions include (but are not limited to): respiratory and cardio-vascular conditions and diabetes. She is particularly interested in capturing and improving the patient experience and development of models of patient care. Other areas of interest include healthcare and nursing management and leadership, nursing workforce issues and nursing education.

Professor Andrew has expertise in quantitative methods (experimental, surveys, scale development), qualitative methods (phenomenology, case study, narrative inquiry) and mixed methods for which she is internationally recognised.

Areas of research supervision

Current supervision as 1st, 2nd or 3rd supervisor

Workforce, leadership and education

  • Community perceptions about nursing and impact on Nursing workforce in KSA (1st)
  • Spirituality and leadership in healthcare (1st)
  • Fitness for practice (1st)
  • Simulation, Clinical reasoning and decision making (1st)
  • Compassion in preregistration education (1st)
  • Service users in pre-registration nursing programmes (1st)
  • Substance misusing women and midwifery education (2nd)
  • Decision making in child protection (3rd)

Long-term conditions

  • Women with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (1st)
  • Congenital Myasthenia Gravis (2nd)
  • PPCI  and experiences of patients, carers, and cardiac nurses (2nd)
  • COPD and rehabilitation (3rd)


  • Cross-disciplinary postgraduate workshops on mixed methodology and research methods
  • Guest lectures on research and evidence based nursing for pre-registration nursing students


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Master of Science (Honours), University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Canberra, Australia
  • Diploma of Applied Science (Nurse Education), University of Canberra, Australia
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing (FACN)
  • Registered Nurse (Australia, UK)
  • Registered Midwife (Australia)

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Methods Editor for Contemporary Nurse Journal
  • Member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
  • Member of Sigma Theta Tau, International

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

  • Lymn, J., Field-Richards, S., Spiby, H., Callaghan, P., Keeley, P., Redsell, S. and Andrew, S. “Evaluation of the impact of care experience prior to undertaking NHS funded education and training.” Department of Health, Research and Policy Division. 2015-2018, UK£324, 978.
  • Parker, M. and Andrew, S. “GP Education (data analysis)”. East of England Deanery, UK. (April-May 2013). UK£10,000.
  • Walker, S., Andrew, S. and Page, P. Impact of CPD upon the clinical workforce in Essex. East of England Local Education and Training Board. (Jan 2013- Jan 2014). UK£40,000.
  • Andrew, S., and Walker, S. “Patient Reported experience Measure for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PREM-COPD). Report (data analysis, preparation of report and PREM measure development).” Commissioned for The North East, North Central London and Essex (NECLES) Health Innovation and Education Cluster (HIEC). (2011-2012). UK£11,529.
  • Andrew, S., and Walker, S. “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A scoping exercise of patient experience”. FHSCE, Anglia Ruskin University. (2012). UK£2,500.
  • McVicar, A., Andrew, S., Henderson, N. and Evangelinos, G. “An enquiry into using supplementary bioscience resources in health.” Learning and Teaching Project Award, Anglia Ruskin University. (2012-2013). £3,290.
  • Andrew, S. and Mansour, M. (2011). UK£3,217. “Patient safety, peer and organizational reporting: a scenario based study”. FHSCE, Anglia Ruskin University.
  • Andrew, S. Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation Award. (2010-2011). A$10,000
  • Halcomb, E., Jackson, D.J., Andrew, S., Peters, K., Salamonson, Y. and Daly J. “Developing and implementing a leadership capacity building program for teaching and learning in nursing”. Australian Learning & Teaching Council Leadership Grant. (2010-2013). A$220,000.
  • Halcomb, E.J., Salamonson, Y., Peters, K., Andrew, S. and Jackson, D. “Sessional Academics Teaching in Nursing (SATIN) Study”. College of Health and Science Research Futures Funding, UWS. (2008-2009). A$25,000.
  • Andrew, S., Salamonson, Y., Davidson, P., Whitby, S., Everett, B., Finkel, R. and Rolley, J. “Models of Care and Satisfaction in Nursing, and Patient Outcomes (MOCASIN)” Nurses & Midwives Board (NMB). (2006-2007). A$21,505.
  • Salamonson, Y., Everett, B., O’Reilly, R., Andrew, S., Davidson, P., Smith, A., Koch, J. and Martins, R. “Promoting Academic Success in NESB First Year Nursing Students”. UWS Student Equity Grant. (2006-2007). A$22,457.
  • Andrew, S. “Aspects of MOCASIN project”. UWS Research Seed Grant. (2005-2006). A$4,813.
  • Andrew, S. Salamonson, Y., Smith, A., and Taylor, C. “Nursing students’ persistence and attrition in a Bachelor of Nursing program”. UWS Academic staff research support strategy. (2004-2005). A$4,987.
  • Salamonson, Y. and Andrew, S. “Factors influencing academic achievement in bioscience among 2nd year nursing students”. UWS Infrastructure grant. (2001). A$1000.

Selected recent publications

Andrew, S., and Mansour, M. (2014). Safeguarding in medication administration: understanding pre-registration nursing students’ survey response to patient safety and peer reporting issues. Journal of Nursing Management, 22: pp311-321.

Hodson, M., and Andrew, S. (2014). PREMS and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease: Capturing the patient experience. Nursing Times, 110(16): pp12-14.

Jackson, D., Hickman, L.D., Hutchinson, M., Andrew, S., Cleary, M., Smith, J., Potgieter, I. & Peters. (2014). Whistleblowing: an integrated review of data-based studies involving nurses. Contemporary Nurse, 48: pp240-252.

McVicar, A., Andrew, S., and Kemble, R. (2014). Biosciences within the pre-registration (pre-requisite) curriculum: an integrative literature review of curriculum interventions 1990-2012. Nurse Education Today, 34: pp560-568.

Hodson, M., Andrew, S., and Roberts, CM. (2013). Towards an Understanding of Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Breathe, 9: 358-364.

Maharaj, R., O’Brien, L., Gillies, D., and Andrew, S. (2013). Police referrals to a psychiatric hospital: Experiences of nurses caring for police-referred admissions. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 22, pp313-321.

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Recent presentations and conferences

Andrew, S. and Ma’louf, H. (21 Jan. 2015). Long-term conditions and the patient experience: Through the lens of COPD patients. Anglia Ruskin Nursing Research Unit Launch, Chelmsford, UK.

Andrew, S. (29 April 2014). Measuring the patient experience. Sigma Theta Tau International Business and Scholarly Meting Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

Hodson, M., Roberts C.M., Andrew, S. and Jones, P. (8 Sept 2014). The development of a Patient Reported Experience Measure in COPD (PREM-COPD Stage 2). European Respiratory Society International Congress 2104, Germany.

McVicar, A., Andrew, S. and Clancy J. (24-26 Sept. 2014). The bioscience problem in undergraduate nurse education: resolvable or unsolvable. FINE Xxth European Conference for Nurse Educators. Nancy, France.

Walker, S., Andrew, S. and Page, P. (16 Jan. 2014). Impact of continuing professional development upon the clinical workforce, Annual Research Conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

Andrew, S. (5-7 June, 2013). The STREAM project: Building leadership capacity in nursing academic. RCN Education Forum International Conference & Exhibition: Beyond the borders, Glasgow, UK.

Andrew, S. (20 March, 2013). Learning to listen: Overview of methods. RCN International Research Conference, Belfast, UK.

Andrew, S. Mitchell-Inwang, C., Swan, K., and Smolen, S. (21 March, 2013). The research nurse: Two steps ahead of the role. RCN International Research Conference, Belfast, UK.

McVicar, A. and Andrew, S. (June 18, 2013). Biosciences: A chronology of issues and a review of interventions. Biosciences in Nursing Education Forum. London.

McVicar, A., Andrew, S., Henderson, N. Evangelinos, G., and Spurling, R. (20 June 2013). Using a self-learning programme on the VLE to support student learning of core concepts. Anglia Ruskin University’s 14th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, Chelmsford, UK.