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When will I receive information about my ceremony?

Information will be posted to your home address in mid-July. It's therefore essential you keep your home address updated on e:Vision. You will also receive information about the ceremonies via email to your student account, so please continue to check this after completing your study.

Am I eligible to attend a graduation ceremony?

You are eligible to attend a graduation ceremony if your award is confirmed between 1 October 2014 and 20 September 2015.

You can confirm attendance and purchase guest tickets before your results are known, so please ensure that you do not miss the 3 September deadline. If you have not confirmed your attendance by this date, we'll assume you do not wish to attend (and your guest allocation will be made available to other students).

If your award is not confirmed as expected, please email the Graduation team including your SID, and we will be happy to transfer your tickets to a ceremony next year or provide you with a full refund.

How do I confirm my attendance?

A 'My Graduation' tab will appear on your e:Vision account on 27 July. If you follow the online process, you will be able to confirm your attendance. You will be able to do this until 3 September when booking closes.

I can't access e:Vision?

If you haven't used e:Vision lately or have forgotten your password, you can reset your login using the Password Manager. For any other issues contact the Student IT HelpDesk. Tel: 01245 686600 or via the Library Help Desk

Where is the ‘My Graduation’ tab

The My Graduation tab should be available to view on all eligible students e:Vision account from 27 July. The My Graduation tab will be in the left hand side menu bar. If you believe you should be able to see this link and cannot, please check that you are eligible to attend.

I can see the ‘My Graduation’ tab, but it will not allow me to confirm my attendance.

You will be unable to proceed to ‘confirm your attendance’ or buy guest tickets if you owe us money. To avoid any delays please make sure all outstanding debts have been paid by 27 July 2015.

I've paid all my debts but I still can't continue.

It will take 24 hours after you've paid your debt, before you'll be able to confirm your attendance.

Can I choose when to graduate?

Following attainment of your award you'll be invited to attend your allocated ceremony. Ceremonies in October 2015 are for those whose awards are confirmed between 1 October 2014 and 20 September 2015.

My visa expires before graduation/my guests need to apply for visa to attend my graduation ceremony. Can you help?

We do not produce invitation letters for visa purposes. However, the letter you can use to support a visa application will accompany your final transcript. For further information, please visit Visa information for non-EU students

I've confirmed my place but I'm now unable to attend, what should I do?

Please email us as soon as possible if you’re are unable to attend. Some of our ceremonies are oversubscribed, so we’ll allocate your place to someone else.

Do I have to attend my graduation ceremony?

Attendance at graduation ceremonies is not compulsory; the conferment of your award is made at the Anglia Ruskin University Awards Board and not by attending a graduation ceremony.

Do I have to wear a gown?

As this is a formal academic event, it is advisable to wear a gown to your graduation ceremony. Gown hire can be booked from 27 July via Ede & Ravenscroft. To ensure a gown is available for you on the day, you will need to have booked your gown least 21 days before your graduation ceremony. For more details please visit gown hire.

I'm graduating - do I need a ticket?

As a student, you do not need a ceremony ticket. Your place is free, but you do need to confirm your place. Once you confirm you're attending, you'll be allocated a seat at the ceremony, a souvenir programme, a drink and chocolates at the Faculty post-ceremony reception. After you confirm your place, you'll receive an email to your student email account confirming your place. Your name will be checked against a list of confirmed attendees on the day.

You'll collect your seat card on the day from the check-in desks. This will show your seat number for the ceremony and will have a tear-off section for your Faculty post-ceremony reception. Seat cards are used for entry to the ceremony as well as the Faculty post-ceremony reception.

How much are guest tickets?

Guest tickets cost £25.00 (including VAT) and include a seat at the ceremony, a souvenir programme, a drink and chocolates at the Faculty post-ceremony celebration. Tickets are used for entry to the ceremony as well as the Faculty post-ceremony reception.

How many tickets can I buy for my guests?

You can buy up to 3 tickets when you book your place. No exceptional circumstance will be considered to allow the purchase of more than 3 tickets before 3 September.

When can I purchase guest tickets?

Guest tickets will be on sale from 27 July to 3 September 2015 via e:Vision. If you don't purchase guest tickets between these dates we'll assume that you don't wish to purchase any guest tickets and your guest allocation will be made available to other students.

Can I buy an additional guest ticket?

We cannot guarantee to have additional guest tickets available. If you've already confirmed your graduation attendance, and we have additional tickets available for your ceremony, you will be able to purchase these on a first come, first served basis. Look for the link on these pages from 7 September to 8 September. We do not keep a waiting list for guest tickets or consider any exceptional circumstance.

When will I receive tickets for my guests?

UK students, with an award confirmed by 21 August 2015, will receive their tickets in the post two weeks before the ceremony date.

All other students (including students from Amity University in London, LCA Business School and London School of Marketing) will need to collect their tickets from the check-in desks on the day.

If in doubt about the date, time and the number of tickets you have ordered, go to your student e:Vision account/My Graduation, check and print off the details. The My Graduation tab in student e:Vision account will be available until after your graduation ceremony date.

Remember, you will need to collect your seating card from the check-in desks on the day. We do not post them to you.

Are my guests seated with me?

All graduands are seated together. Guests will be directed at time of arrival to the best seats available. If guests arrive late or separately, we may not be able to sit them together.

Once the ceremony has started guests are requested to remain in their seats so they do not disturb the ceremony.

Can I bring children to the ceremony? Do they need a ticket?

Whilst graduation is a family celebration, experience has shown that children can become bored and restless during ceremonies, but we appreciate it is not always possible to make alternative childcare arrangements. Children under the age of 5 may enter free of charge but are required to sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. Children aged 5 and above must have their own ticket and seat. There are no concessions for children. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult; please note that children cannot be seated with the graduand.

Buggies and seat carriers are not permitted in ceremony venues. These items can be left in a designated unsupervised area at the owner's risk.

I've bought guest tickets and I'm now unable to attend. What should I do?

If you wish to cancel any or all of your guest tickets, you must either write to us or email us by 3 September 2015. Requests for refunds received after the deadline will not be considered.

Refunds will be made to the card account or bank account from which the original payment was made.

When will I receive my certificate?

We do not present award certificates during the graduation ceremony however, if your award is due to be confirmed at an awards board in July or August 2015 you will be able to collect your certificate from a designated collection point on your graduation day.

For awards confirmed in September 2015 and between December 2014 and May 2015, certificates will be posted to your HOME address by Royal Mail* recorded delivery within eight weeks of the Awards Board.  Alternatively, you can opt for DHL courier delivery by making the required payment through our Online Store www.anglia.ac.uk/transcripts

If you are not attending a ceremony and if we do not receive a request to send by courier we will post your certificate by Royal Mail as above.

If you have studied with one of our associate colleges such as London College of Accountancy or London School of Marketing, your transcript and certificate will be distributed to you by them.

*Royal Mail recorded delivery means a signature will be required on delivery. If there's no-one to sign for the item, Royal Mail will leave a card and ask you to collect it from a local office. Your certificate will be returned to us if it is not collected within ten to 14 days.

For information on awards board dates, please visit official publication of results.

I've not received my certificate. Why?

If you've not received your certificate, please check that you have no outstanding debts and that your home address is correct on e:Vision as Royal Mail may have returned your certificate to us. Please email awards@anglia.ac.uk for more information.

Will my prize be presented at the graduation ceremony?

Graduation prizes will be announced at the same time as your award is announced. Your Faculty will arrange a prize-giving event either before or after your graduation ceremony.