Confirm your attendance and buy guest tickets

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Celebrate with family and friends

Your graduation ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to mark and recognise all you have achieved and to celebrate with family and friends. Check your graduation ceremony dates here

As a graduate you need to confirm your attendance but do not need to purchase a ticket to attend your ceremony.

How do I confirm my attendance?

You can confirm your attendance between 25 July and 6 September, using the My Graduation tab that will appear on your e:Vision. This tab will contain details about your ceremony, including the day, time, and location. Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before proceeding.

If your final award is not due until September, please still confirm your attendance  (see further information below 'My award is due to be confirmed in September, what should I do?')

We need to know by 6 September if you are planning to attend. If you have not confirmed your attendance by this date, we'll assume you do not wish to attend (and your guest allocation will be made available to other graduates, subject to ceremony availability).

How do I purchase guest tickets?

Once you have confirmed your attendance, you will be able to purchase guest tickets (maximum of three) at £25 per ticket including VAT. Guest tickets are used for entry to the ceremony and the post-ceremony reception, where you will receive a complimentary drink and chocolates. Your guest ticket will also include a souvenir programme on arrival to the ceremony.

Guest tickets are purchased via the My Graduation tab on your e:Vision between 25 July and 6 September. If you haven’t purchased guest tickets by 6 September your guest allocation will be made available to other graduates, subject to ceremony availability.

Gown hire

As this is a formal event, you’ll need to arrange gown hire for your graduation ceremony. Gown hire can be booked from 25 July via Ede & Ravenscroft. To ensure a gown is available for you on the day, you will need to have booked your gown at least 21 days before your ceremony.  Gown hire cannot be guaranteed after this date and if available will be at a higher hire rate.

My award is due to be confirmed in September, what should I do?

You are eligible to attend a graduation ceremony in 2016 if your award is confirmed between 1 October 2015 and 30 September 2016.

You can confirm attendance and purchase guest tickets before your results are known, providing you are due to have your award confirmed by 30 September 2016, so please ensure that you do not miss the 6 September deadline. If you have not confirmed your attendance by this date, we'll assume you do not wish to attend (and your guest allocation will be made available to other students).

If your award is not confirmed in September as expected, please email the Graduation team including your SID, and we will be happy to transfer your tickets to a ceremony next year or provide you with a full refund.

I would like to purchase more than 3 guest tickets

Between 25 July and 6 September you are able to purchase up to three guest tickets per graduate.

On 8 September we will re-open the online booking via the My Graduation tab on eVision, where you will be able to purchase additional tickets for ceremonies that have availability. Additional tickets are purchased on a first come, first served basis (still priced at £25) until 22 September or sold out. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to have additional guest tickets available for every ceremony.

If you are unable to secure the additional tickets you wanted, then your extra guests are still able to join you for the build-up (including the photography and gowning) and they are able to watch the ceremony via a live stream to various areas around the campus, which will be signposted on the day.

Unfortunately, we are not able to keep a waiting list or make special exceptions for guest tickets.

We plan to publish information about which ceremonies may have tickets available on these pages on 7 September.

When will I receive tickets for my guests?

If you have purchased guest tickets and have a home address within the UK, we will send your guest tickets out in advance of the ceremony. You should receive these 1 week prior to your ceremony. If you have an overseas address, then your guest tickets will be available to collect on the day of your ceremony at the check in desks. Please check your e:Vision account for your address details.


Graduands are seated separately to guests. This is because our graduands are seated in the correct order to cross the stage after their name is read out.  Each row will be directed to the stage at the correct time by our Conferment staff.

Guest tickets do not have allocated seat numbers, so your guests will be directed to the best available seats on the day. If your guests arrive late or separately, we may not be able to seat them together.

If you, or any of your guests, have any special seating requirements, these can be noted at the time of purchasing tickets and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Once the ceremony has started guests are requested to remain in their seats so they do not disturb the ceremony.

Children at the ceremony

We appreciate that your graduation is a family celebration and whilst children are most welcome to attend experience has shown they can become bored and restless during ceremonies, however we understand it is not always possible to make alternative childcare arrangements. Children under the age of 5 may enter free of charge but are required to sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. Children aged 5 and above must have their own ticket and seat. There are no concessions for children. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult; please note that children cannot be seated with the graduand. Buggies and seat carriers are not permitted in ceremony venues, due to space restrictions. These items can be left in a designated unsupervised area at the owner's risk.