Frequently Asked Questions

Why are honorary degrees conferred?

Honorary degrees are conferred on persons of distinction who have made a major contribution to their field of endeavours and earned national and international distinction in activities which contribute to the advancement of their profession, learning, the arts or public affairs.

How are they nominated?

Nominations for the award of an honorary degree is an internal process within Anglia Ruskin University.  The nomination takes the form of a short, up-to-date CV such as an extract from Who’s Who, together with a supporting document stating why an award should be considered, emphasising the perceived benefits to Anglia Ruskin University of making the award and specifying any relationship between the nominee and Anglia Ruskin University.

Any member of staff can make a nomination, which is then reviewed by the Nominations Committee then ratified by Senate.  Nominations cannot be made by people external to Anglia Ruskin.

What degrees can be awarded?

Available degrees are:

  • Master of Arts (Hon MA)
  • Master of Science (Hon MSc)
  • Doctor of Arts (Hon DA)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Hon DBA)
  • Doctor of Education (Hon EdD)
  • Doctor of Health Sciences (Hon DHSc)
  • Doctor of Laws (Hon LLD)
  • Doctor of Letters (Hon D Litt)
  • Doctor of Music (Hon DMus)
  • Door of Science (Hon DSc)
  • Doctor of Technology (Hon D Tech)
  • Doctor of Theology (Hon DTh)

In addition, an Honorary Fellowship may be awarded in recognition of:

  • Important and substantial services to Anglia Ruskin University
  • Contribution to the community and life of Anglia Ruskin University and association with us over a sustained period of time
  • Facilitation of links between Anglia Ruskin University and the community or a partner organisation

When are they awarded?

The honorary degrees are awarded at our graduation ceremonies each September and October at either our Peterborough, Chelmsford or Cambridge ceremonies.  On receiving the award during the ceremony, each recipient then gives a short inspirational address to the students, encouraging those graduating to follow in the new Honorary Award holder’s footsteps.

How do I find out who is a current Honorary Award holder?

A full list of award holders is available on this website.

How frequently do Honorary Award holders keep in touch with Anglia Ruskin?

Our Honorary Award holders are invited to a dinner and a tour of our Cambridge and Chelmsford campus each year.  They are also invited to events and lectures that may be of interest to them and receive regular mailings so they are kept well informed on what is happening at Anglia Ruskin.

Many of them also engage with us by giving lectures, either to students or to a wider audience, or by offering mentoring and advice.