What will you take away from your visit?

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We hope that the time you spend in Sainji will provide you with a new perspective with which to view the world and your future within it.


You will learn about and experience living in a traditional Indian hill village, learn to cook organic vegetarian curries using the villagers home grown produce, understand some of the complexities, conflicts and compromises of sustainable development and experience some of the most enthusiastic and helpful children on the planet. What you take away with you will probably stay with you for many years.


Anglia Ruskin's Employability Service has a number of resources to help you gain employment once you graduate and we recommend that you use this to help you identify what you can offer employers. At the GSI we have identified a number of key characteristics of a graduate which will help you both prepare for the world of work and for the work of the world.

These are:

  • Discipline related knowledge – (what your degree probably focused on)
  • Discipline specific skills - (what you need to be able to do to apply this knowledge, e.g. how to use a particular piece of equipment, technique or method)
  • Sustainability related knowledge – (why it is important that you apply your knowledge and skills for a sustainable future)
  • Generic ‘graduate’ skills – (the personal qualities which will allow you to take action)

You are likely to have come across a number of lists of 'employability skills' from various sources. These tend to focus on the 'generic graduate skills' and are often intended to help you think about what might differentiate you from other graduates with similar qualifications. Yet everyone is using the same lists! Focusing on all 4 categories will help differentiate you from others. It will also help you think about what you want from a career as well as what you want to give.

We will work with you before, during and after the trip helping you to document your development in each of the 4 areas above, creating a portfolio of evidence which will help you decide on your future direction and represent your key attributes on your cv and talk about them confidently during interviews. On your return you should also be able to complete the Anglia Ruskin Employability Programme which is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).