Responsible Futures

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Since September 2015, the EfS team have been busy working with the Students’ Union to get Responsible Futures – an ambitious accreditation from the National Union of Students.

Responsible Futures recognises institutions that embed sustainability and social responsibility into everything that they do, with a particular focus on the type of education they deliver. At our University, we’re proud that we have made big jumps in how we prepare students for the future – did you know that we have an Academic Regulation which means that sustainability has to be covered in your course? And so, naturally, we signed up to Responsible Futures and got to work on the criteria.

Actions for Responsible Futures

  • Student Survey - in April 2016, a survey was conducted on ARU students on their attitudes, expectations and experiences of Education for Sustainability. The finding will be released in a GSI Briefing Note. In the meantime, you can contact the EfS team for more information. 
  • Baseline Audit - to identify where sustainability and social responsibility sits within the curricular, the EfS team conducted a baseline audit of all courses in FST, ALSS, and LAIBS. If you're interested, this can be found in our Annual Report 2015, along with case studies. We've also done a similar study on the Nursing and Midwifery courses.