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When we talk to students about sustainability, we find there's sometimes confusion about what it means to them and their life at Anglia Ruskin. So we recruited a team of students to investigate and make some films for us, with support from the General Alumni Fund.

Eight in every 10 students consistently believe that sustainable development should be actively incorporated and promoted by universities... Over two-thirds of respondents consistently believe that sustainable development should be incorporated into all university courses
NUS survey, 2014

Why EfS?

Engage in university life

There are a huge number of opportunities to get involved and benefit from activities away from lectures. Visit our Students' Union website to find out more.

Learn more about your subject and its significance, whatever that may be

EfS is relevant to every subject. It teaches you about the impact your discipline has on the wider world and the future. To find out more, take a look at our resources page.

Gain sustainability skills

To prepare you for the future – whatever that may look like – we'll help you develop a new set of sustainability skills

Increase your employability

From businesses and hospitals, to charities and schools, employers in every sector are looking for people with the knowledge and skills that will benefit them in the long term. If you type 'sustainability skills' into any large recruitment site, hundreds of different jobs appear.

Understand social, economic and ecological issues

EfS teaches a systems approach. You'll learn that the modern world is complex system in which environments, societies and economies are all connected. For example, what you do in your city is linked to events happening around the world.

Things you can do now