Dr Aled Jones

Dr Aled Jones


Global Sustainability Institute

Aled is Director of the Global Sustainability Institute. His research focuses on risks and opportunities in finance and governments from global resource trends such as food, energy and water.

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Aled is the inaugural Director of our Global Sustainability Institute (GSI). Over the past three years he has built the GSI from a good idea into an internationally recognised brand, with a group of 30 individuals and external income of over £400,000 per year. He is one of the acknowledged global leaders in public-private finance related to the green economy. His work in climate finance has been recognised by the State of California and he has received a key to the city of North Little Rock, USA.

In 2013, Anglia Ruskin University won the International Sustainable Campus Network Award for integrating sustainability and the GSI was shortlisted for the EAUC Green Gown awards in two categories and the Lloyds of London Science of Risk Awards.

Aled has recently been appointed a member of the UK-US Taskforce on the Impact of Extreme Weather on US/UK Food Security and was a President Bill Clinton Distinguished Lecturer. He chaired a working group on climate finance within the Capital Markets Climate Initiative (CMCI) on behalf of Greg Barker, the Minister for Climate Change in the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and sits on the steering group for CMCI. Dr Jones is also a Managing Director for the P80 Group Foundation which, in 2012, signed the Little Rock Accord with Club de Madrid to help facilitate global investments into climate change solutions.

Aled has published numerous academic papers and was a guest editor of Sustainability. He is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy and Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and elected member of the advisory group for the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges. Until 2014 he was regional treasurer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is a board member of Sustainability East and chairs the East of England Alliance for Sustainability on their behalf.

Previously, Aled was Deputy Director at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, HRH Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, and Director of the Chevening Economics of Climate Change Programme (for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office). He was a founding member of the ClimateWise insurance principles.

Research interests

Aled leads a number of research projects in climate finance, energy and behaviour, and resource management. His research particularly focuses on the finance sector and government and how they will respond to the impacts of global resource trends and climate change. He is currently leading a team to build a global model to explore political fragility from resource crisis.

Areas of research supervision

  • Agent-based modelling for political risks
  • Systems dynamics modelling for economic and financial risk
  • Systemic finance risk for environment-food-water nexus
  • Conflict from resource competition in Kenya
  • India’s identity in climate change negotiations
  • Smart city development in Hungary
  • Transitions in energy systems in Nigeria
  • Assessing fracking in the UK
  • Innovation in the water sector
  • Clean technology sector development


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Dissertation Module Leader, MSc Sustainability


  • PhD, Cosmology, University of Cambridge
  • BA/MA 1st class, Natural Science (Theoretical Physics), University of Cambridge
  • PGCert (HE), Anglia Ruskin University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Fellow, Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (FRSA)
  • Fellow, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (FIMA)
  • Elected Member of the Advisory Council, Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges (EAUC) 
  • Board member, Green Economy Pathfinder LEP (Suffolk & Norfolk)
  • Board member, European Structural and Investment Fund Sub Committee, Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough
  • Board member, Sustainability East
  • Editorial Board, World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange


  • Non-executive board member, Sustainability East
  • Managing Director, P80 Group Foundation
  • Aled regularly consults on international climate finance, in particular on public-private partnerships, for organisations like the UK Government and the World Bank. He also presents on climate change issues to corporates and governments

Author and editor

  • Aled is author of several books, book chapters, entries in The A-Z of CSR, refereed papers, conference proceedings and international patent applications, as well as newspaper and magazine articles. He was lead author on the seminal report on resource constraints to the Actuarial Profession in 2013, and guest editor of a special issue of Sustainability, Creative Solutions to Big Challenges (ISSN 2071-1050)

Selected recent publications

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Refereed papers

Monasterolo, I. and Jones, A.W. 2015. Assessing global resource insecurity through a multidimensional model for more targeted sustainable development policies. Sustainability (in prep).

Conto, F., Fiore, M., Monasterolo, I. and Jones, A.W., 2015. Unsustainable agribusiness: a cost-effective methodology for benchmarking agri-food and agri-environmental indicators. International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business (in prep).

Jones, A.W., Anderson V., Agboraw, E. and Zalk, T., 2015. Quantitative assessment of price mechanisms and resource supply. Sustainability (in prep).

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Books and invited book chapters

Jones, A.W., Allen, I, Silver, N., Howarth, C., Cameron, C. and Caldecott, B., 2013. Resource Constraints: The Evidence and Scenarios. The Actuarial Profession. 

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Reports and non-refereed papers
Jones, A.W., 2014. Climate change and limits on natural resources – projections and impacts. Report from the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

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Selected magazine articles

Jones, A.W. and Green, M., 2014. Liquid Asset: The Future of Water. The Actuary, The Actuarial Profession. 

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Selected patent applications
WO03029487: DNA sequencing, 04.10.2001
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Recent presentations and conferences

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Conference proceedings

Anderson, V. and Jones, A.W., 2014. Anthropocene: Journey of a concept. Normative and Ideational Trends in Global Environmental Politics, BISA Working Group on Environment, University of Sheffield. 

Monasterolo, I., Tonelli, F., Jones, A.W. and Natalini, D., 2014. Hybrid System Dynamics – Agent Based model to simulate Complex Adaptive Systems: a new methodological framework for sustainability analysis. 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 20-23 July 2014, Delft.

Monasterolo, I., Jones, A.W., Natalini, D. and Anderson, V., 2013. Exploring the complex system dynamics between natural resources and human activities, and their impact on short term growth: a case study of Serbia. WEHIA 18th Annual Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents.

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