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Album apps

Supported by Nesta's Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, CoDE is working with music and content agency Script, app developers Agency Mobile and Anglo-French pop group François and the Atlas Mountains to examine the app as a future standard album release format – and perhaps even the future of the album itself.

To coincide with the release of the band's album Piano Ombre, an 'album app' was created and released for iOS devices, featuring high-quality versions of the album tracks together with 24 exclusive bonus tracks, artwork, song lyrics and producer credits.

CoDE is using the Piano Ombre app – the first chart-eligible album app in the world – as a test case for music consumers, artists and record companies, examining the user experience, the creative potential afforded to the artist and the overall economics of releasing an album as an app.

While the cost of app development is potentially prohibitive for smaller artists and labels, this project hopes to establish a framework that can be used in future to make releasing album apps affordable for all music artists.

Most recently, we've worked with Daisy in the Dark to create an album app for their album Red Planet.