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Calex interface

Calex Temperature Sensor Interface

Calex Electronics produces high quality temperature sensors for use in industrial ovens and furnaces. They identified a novel opportunity to improve customer experience by including a touch-screen interface on one of their best-selling products. With our help this was achieved in just three months.

This has not only brought the company more market opportunities and sales streams, it has provided them with high-level software libraries, enabling them to quickly respond to changing market demands.

This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s Low-Carbon KEEP Programme

Lagolyph Sound System
Lagoglyph sound system

More and more, art and technology are going hand in hand. So when Chicago artist Eduardo Kac wanted digital research and design expertise to develop his ‘Lagoglyph Sound System,' he came to us. We helped him create a unique interactive painting, using conductive ink and innovative electronics hardware from ARM. The viewer is invited to touch the artwork, which generates conductive electronic signals that trigger vocalisations from world-renowned choir, Mediaeval Baebes. This is achieved through loudspeakers hidden in the picture frame and essentially enables the picture to sing to the viewer as it is caressed.

Funded by the Visualise Public Art Programme.