Collaborative research

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Our collaborative research benefits industries, bringing together our expertise with that of at least one other party to deliver real business benefits. This type of work can be part-funded by the Government, EU grant programmes or the third sector and is a mid- to long-term commitment.

We run collaborative projects across our five Faculties and six Research Institutes, encompassing a broad range of sectors. Here is just one example of the research we're involved in.

Construction, the built environment and energy efficiency

The building sector consumes 40% of Europe's energy. With rising energy prices and greater focus on energy efficiency, there are a number of opportunities for innovative companies in the sector to grow their business with products that reduce energy consumption. One clear way forward is to make use of thermal mass techniques, but traditionally the conditions needed to create acoustic reverberations (echoes) that affect the health, well-being and concentration of inhabitants.

As part of a consortium comprising SMEs across the manufacturing supply chain, consultancies and other universities, we're developing a low-cost, high-performance acoustic absorber – Echo2Eco – that solves these acoustic problems, creating a highly marketable product.

Our cross-disciplinary contribution includes modelling, acoustic testing, investigating the robustness of the solution and making sure key requirements are met, such as fire legislation.

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