Standing out from the Crowd (what makes you special) - Cambridge

5 November 2015, 00:00
Cambridge campus

Speaker - David Bell

What's the most important question in branding? 'Why should I care?' Whatever your idea you need to create a distinctive brand that answers this question for people and makes you (and your business) stand out from the competition. Creating a brand is a lot more than just creating a logo and a business card design - this session will show you why.

David is a highly accomplished, award winning, company director, entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker. David is passionate about helping others succeed and driving businesses forward to achieve their full potential. David Cofounded APC Solutions Group when he was just 18, it is now a leading global specialist in Wireless Communications and Network Infrastructure. David's most recent enterprise, Simboc Limited was founded in early 2013 to help other businesses and their owners make the impossible possible.

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5 November 2015, 00:00
Cambridge campus
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