Be Your Own Boss seminar series

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Designed to cover everything you need to know to take a bright idea from concept to reality, these free one hour evening seminars are for students and staff who want to find out more about the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Where to begin

How do I protect my ideas? How do I market a new business or product? How do I balance the books? How can I test my idea out? Where can I get funding from? How do I stay inspired?


There's also time after each seminar to network and enjoy refreshments with our experts and other like-minded people.

Quotes from Anglia Ruskin students

"Business running skills are crucial to all, particularly engineers with our kind of thinking and training."

"Managing finances, creating business plans and spotting new opportunities were frightening before I started on the Be Your Own Boss seminars now I have gained a lot of confidence."

"Each element of the series is vital for any business growth, I have seen my business ideas take shape after the series and have moved from just dreaming to acting."

"I have run an online radio station for 10 years and could not grow it but now with the skills acquired we are able to move beyond the technical/engineering skills to running the station as a business."

"Enrolling for the seminars has been the best thing I have done for myself in the past year and would encourage everyone who is serious about business to enroll so that their dreams become a reality."

Seminar series 2016/17

Event: What's it all about?
Chelmsford: 12 Oct 2016, Que 101
Cambridge: 13 Oct 2016, Lab 006

Event: Spotting new opportunities
Chelmsford: 19 Oct 2016, Que 101
Cambridge: 20 Oct 2016, Lab 006

Event: What makes you so special?
Chelmsford: 26 Oct 2016, Que 101
Cambridge: 27 Oct 2016, Lab 006

Event: Managing the money!
Chelmsford: 02 Nov 2016, Que 101
Cambridge: 03 Nov 2016, Lab 006

Event: Testing the water
Chelmsford: 09 Nov 2016, Mab 404b
Cambridge: 10 Nov 2016, Lab 006

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