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Help with Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property covers inventions, designs, symbols, names and images.

Once registered, intellectual property is protected by law. It is an asset and can earn you money or recognition.

Here you can find out how you might be affected and get the information you need to to get a basic understanding of intellectual property and how it relates to you.

It is important that you protect any intellectual property you own. Some types of protection happen automatically such as Copyright and Design Right, but others have to be applied for such as Trade Marks, Registered Designs and Patents. You must keep these secret until they are registered.

The Develop Intellectual Property Rights Project, is funded by the Intellectual Property Office Studentship grant. This is a programme to help students to support savvy graduates through seminars and workshops. Our current experts who mentor this programme encourage students to exploit any intellectual property they may have or be applying for. Our 8 mentors are Itfy Ahemd, Papadakis Brainomix, Dr Thomas Frame, Spencer Gore, Mike Jefferson, Malcolm Lawrence, Rachel Young and Tony Young. They bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to this project. 

Watch our three helpful video workshops to find out more