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ARU Internship Programme

New talent is the source of future business success and our university is a great place to find enthusiastic and motivated students and graduates eager to join your team.

We’re proud of our students and passionate about graduate recruitment. That’s why we’ve developed an internship programme that can support your business and help it grow.

What are the benefits of hiring an intern?

There are many benefits to hiring an intern. Here are just a few examples:

  • take the opportunity to grow your business profits
  • use an intern to work on projects that your existing staff don't have the resources to complete
  • introduce innovative new ideas into your business
  • expand your workforce for a short-term project without the long-term commitment
  • benefit from highly motivated interns who are eager to gain valuable business experience
  • 'test drive' potential new employees, with minimum risk.

Why use Anglia Ruskin's Internship Programme?

You’ll get access to high-calibre students and graduates who are keen to gain work experience. We act as the recruitment agent and employer. We’ll advertise the role on your behalf and help arrange interviews. We’ll also pay the intern on a weekly basis, invoicing you halfway through the duration of the programme, so you don’t need to worry about payroll.

How long does an internship last?

An internship can last from between four and 12 weeks, giving you the flexibility to choose which internship length suits you.

How much does an intern cost?

All our interns earn the living wage (£7.20 per hour). (Please note: Living wage increases every October.) In addition to this, we charge a weekly admin administration fee. This covers any associated advertising costs and health and safety checks.

Who can benefit from our internship programme?

We welcome enquiries from any business that's passionate about working with students and graduates. An internship project could involve setting up IT systems, websites and e-commerce; writing marketing and business plans; conducting market research; analysing and improving production; analysing the feasibility of a new product or service; or designing company literature.

The internship programme has been brilliant for ORB. We launched a new project, the Southend Charter Award, last year but didn’t have the personnel available to drive the project forward. Being able to allocate that role to an intern has enabled us to successfully re-launch and gain the traction we need
Jill Poet
Managing Director, ORB

How long does the process of finding a suitable intern take?

Finding a suitable intern for your business can take between six and eight weeks. Our programme is open to our Anglia Ruskin graduates seeking work experience.

When is the best time to start looking for an intern?

You can take on an intern at any time of year.  However, the largest pool of candidates will exist during the summer months, when undergraduates begin to look for summer placements and graduates have finished their final exams and handed in their dissertations.

The best time to start looking for an intern is between February and May. This gives you plenty of time to prepare and the best opportunity to find the right candidate.

Can the company employ the graduate at the end of the project?

Though it's not obligatory, but many of the graduates are offered permanent positions on completion of the project.

Get in touch

To register your interest and find out more about our ARU Internship Programme, please contact:
Business Development Manager (Tom Bates), +44 (0)1223 695878