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Estefania Guizar

Faculty: Lord Ashcroft International Business School
Department: Management and Leadership
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
Category: Business

17 June 2015

Hello everyone! As promised, in this post, I will be telling you about my business start-up and how important it is to believe in your ideas as a young entrepreneur.

It all started during my winter holidays in Mexico, where I came up with the idea of starting a jewellery business, although not typical jewellery just for fashion; I wanted to sell things with functional properties and a higher purpose to help people in different ways. My brand is focused on selling unique handmade jewellery, made of high-quality crystals with functional healing properties. All the material comes from Mexico, I design most of the pieces and extremely talented Mexican artisans have made some of them too.

Crystals can be worn as jewellery to help people in spiritual and physical ways, to maintain balance, focus and mental clarity, as well as emotional stability. Nowadays, most people live with daily challenges such as stress and negativity, leading them to feel depressed and with a lack of awareness about their true potential and inner power.

My aim is to help others to tackle those challenges and raise awareness of the real purpose of wearing gemstones and crystals, by providing tools of empowerment, balance and connection to the earth’s energy with each accessory, so the wearer can take the most benefits as possible in their daily lives.  The product has a spiritual-hippie but at the same time elegant touch as it is all made with high-quality material.

The first selling method that I’ve used was one-to-one selling with friends and acquaintances. After that, I’ve started using social media for marketing, such as Facebook and Instagram, which has been a truly successful method for selling: it is easy and it is free advertisement for your products so I totally recommend using social networks for any type of business.

I am currently selling to some shops, and applying to start selling in a market in London.

Starting a business has not been easy, especially when you do it on your own with no partnerships, but it is important to believe in your ideas and to be willing to do your best every day. Success can only be achieved if you work hard and by truly believing that you will succeed.

There are days where you might feel like it is too hard. Business is not meant to be easy, but I can tell you that after seeing your results, all the work will be totally worth it!

Can’t wait to tell you more about my journey as an entrepreneur in my next post.

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