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Music - Performing Arts - Arts Therapies


"Being part of the Department of Music and Performing Arts brings together hard work and a social life, which is the most beautiful thing. Being part of different ensembles creates special relationships between players as we all enjoy doing something we love the most: music. In the final year we had to find a work placement and work there for about 35 hours. That was very useful as it made us think about our future, and helped us to improve our CV and deal with career-orientated questions. However, the most important aspect is that we had a chance to gain experience in the area that we were interested in."
Mateja, BA (Hons) Music

“I would summarise my experience studying BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University as fulfilling, culturally enriching as well as being a great improvement on my skills, hopefully resulting in making me more employable. Tutors were great, modules were stimulating and the support staff very helpful. The overall atmosphere at Anglia Ruskin was brilliant.”
James, BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology

“From the very start of the course there were open opportunities to participate in many different types of performance, from straight-ahead pop/rock/indie/funk through to jazz, world and classical music. As a group, we embraced all that the course has to offer, including excellent studio and rehearsal resources as well as regular live music events hosted by the University and local Cambridge venues.”
Andy, BA (Hons) Popular Music

Performing Arts

“Drama at Anglia Ruskin University changed my life. I’d always had a passion for performance and theatre, but during my 3 years on the Cambridge campus I truly felt that it was my calling. The course takes you on a journey that explores so many aspects of Drama you feel reinvigorated at every turn. It allows students to follow their own paths, to find their passions within this journey and chase them like there’s no tomorrow. The incredible content, the brilliant minds of others on your course and the never-faltering enthusiasm of the lecturers are driving forces, and I would thoroughly recommend it as a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.”
Samuel, BA (Hons) Drama

“I was able to explore aspects of performance that I never knew I had an interest in. I also gained a lot from the theoretical side of the course and realised, after writing my dissertation, how much I love to learn! The most rewarding part of the course was that I truly discovered my passion for singing. Throughout university I rapidly developed my singing skills, integrating as much song into the course as I possibly could, and even landing myself some gigs, which helped pay towards my beans on toast! I am now pursuing a career in singing, and further down the line hope to channel my knowledge from the course into becoming a performing arts teacher for children.”
Katarina, BA (Hons) Performing Arts

Arts Therapies

“From the moment I met the dramatherapy tutors at interview stage I was treated as an individual and I remember being struck by how comfortable and supportive they made the process. They were passionate about their field and I thought what a good indication this was of the experience and training I would receive at Anglia Ruskin. I was not wrong, and I have felt supported and, just as importantly, challenged throughout my training."
Morven, MA Dramatherapy

“The course content is brilliant, covering both practical and theoretical aspects of study to prepare students for the role of a music therapist. The tutors are well-published and highly respected in the field of music therapy and health sciences. Together they bring an incredible wealth of experiences from their various settings of work, and students are provided with a nurturing and supportive network from the teaching staff as lecturers, tutors, and supervisors. This course has brought music therapy to life for me. I leave Anglia Ruskin greatly inspired and grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this excellent programme.”
Maybelle, MA Music Therapy