What our students say

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Humanities - Social Sciences


“The staff at Anglia Ruskin have all been incredibly welcoming and supportive to me. They have fully taken into account my personal circumstances, of being a family man and having been away from education for some time. I have found the standard of teaching to be very high, and the lectures to be interesting and intellectually stimulating.”
Simon, BA (Hons) History

“I nominated the philosophy team at the Cambridge campus (for the WOW Awards) because they give honest academic advice on all matters relating to philosophy and go out of their way to make each student have a wonderful experience whilst on the course.”
Rebecca, BA (Hons) Philosophy

“Although initially anxious about starting the course as a mature student, I am now very comfortable and thoroughly enjoying it with support from lecturers, staff and my personal tutor. I very much look forward to the second year and the educational opportunities it presents.”
Tim, BA (Hons) Philosophy

Social Sciences

“Returning to education after nearly 10 years was daunting, and when I came to write my first essay, I wondered if any of my previous academic ability would ever return, but it did! It was then that I experienced just how keen and willing the lecturers and support staff are to help, particularly if you, yourself, show interest. They are committed and passionate about the subjects they teach, which has had an infectious impact on my own work and aspirations. In all, studying Criminology at Anglia Ruskin is quite possibly the best decision I could have made, and my only regret is that I will have to leave at some point!”
Fiona, BA (Hons) Criminology

“Over three years, the University gave me the chance to develop my skills in academia such as research and writing skills. Modules in leadership and management gave me transferable knowledge that I have been able to apply to my current job as a manager. On the other hand modules in Criminology and Sociology fed my growing interest in theory.”
Tom, FdA Public Service

"The Sociology tutors and lectures were extremely approachable, friendly and most importantly, they were supportive towards my studies and my future career ambitions. As a mature student and a single mother, I feel that this support was an essential component towards my success on the course (along with, of course, lots of hard work). The modules on my degree, along with my own volunteering work, have enabled me to confidently choose my future career path. As a result, I will be starting a Master’s degree in Social Work and I couldn't be happier."
Jemma, BA (Hons) Sociology

“I count myself lucky to be taught by seasoned and distinguished intellectuals in their respective field of global affairs. Classes and seminars are always interesting because students are from different nationalities and we get to learn and network with each other’s unique culture, which really forms the basis of International Relations. Above all, the MA International Relations is a brilliant, well-structured course.”
Eyemobe, MA International Relations