Dr Julia Long

Lecturer, Sociology

Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences

Department:Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Sociology

Courses taught: Sociology, Criminology and Sociology, Sociology

Julia’s main area of expertise is feminist theory and practice. She has written and presented on male violence against women; pornography, cultural violence and objectification; and feminist activism.

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Julia’s teaching at Anglia Ruskin is informed by many years experience in local government equalities policy, teaching and the voluntary sector. Most recently, she was Head of Operations at Nia, a London charity supporting women who have experienced male violence. She taught Sociology and Media & Politics modules at London South Bank University, and also taught English language and literature at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge.

Julia is a long-time feminist activist, and has been involved in groups including the London Feminist Network, Reclaim the Night and OBJECT. She has organised and participated in numerous national and international feminist conferences and seminars.

Research interests

  • Feminist theory and practice
  • Male violence against women
  • Media representations of women
  • 'Gender' and the politics of sexuality
  • Social movements and activism

Areas of research supervision

  • Feminist theory and practice
  • Male violence against women 
  • Media representations of women 
  • 'Gender' and the politics of sexuality 
  • Social movements and activism 


  • PhD, London South Bank University 
  • MA Women’s Studies, University College Dublin 
  • PGCE, University of Cambridge 
  • Postgraduate Diploma Women’s Studies (Applied), Bradford University 
  • BA (Hons) English Literature, University of East Anglia  

Selected recent publications

Long, J., 2015, forthcoming. The Oppression That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Silences Around Heterosexuality in Contemporary Feminism. In: Kiraly, M. and Tyler, M. (Eds.). Freedom Fallacy: The Failures of Liberal Feminism. Ballarat: Connor Court Publishing.

Long, J., 2014. The Significance of Women’s Spaces in the Women’s Liberation Movement. Paper presented at Women’s Spaces: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow conference. London Women & Planning Forum/Rooms of Our Own, Queen Mary University of London, London, May 2014.

Long, J., 2014. Of Beasts, Fiddles and Deckchairs: The Contradictions of Academic Feminism. Keynote address delivered at Smashing Patriarchy in 100,000 words. Postgraduate symposium, University of Dundee, January 2014. 

Long, J., 2013. The De-Politicisation of Women’s Services. Paper presented at Violence Against Women: Where Do We Go From Here? Campaign to End Rape conference, Camden Centre, London, September 2013.

Long, J., 2013. Young women, gangs and sexual exploitation. Paper presented at Baroness Stern Rape Policy Seminar, House of Lords, London, March 2013.

Long, J., 2012. AntiPorn: The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism. London: Zed Books.

Long, J., 2011. Resisting Pornography, Building a Movement: Feminist Anti-porn Activism in the UK. In: Tankard Reist, M. and Bray, A. (Eds.). Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry. Melbourne: Spinifex.